Tim Lavery Is Running for Salmon Arm Council

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I view our city like I view my own neighbourhood. 

We listen to, learn from and look out for each other.

* Please check out my campaign connections below for all sorts of election information.

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Thanks     Tim

Campaign Website including Ideas, Endorsements and My Action Plan: www.timlavery.ca

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/timlavery2014?ref=hl#!/home.php

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElectTimLavery                     @ElectTimLavery

Campaign Email: timlavery2014@shaw.ca

*Yes I’m referring to myself in the title but I wanted to work my name in for Google-iness!

Contact Information for All 2014 Salmon Arm Mayoralty & Council Candidates

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A one-stop link if you want to contact any or all of the candidates for Salmon Arm’s Local Government Election on Nov. 15th 2014 is just below.


Check out my election campaign links for the updated list of my endorsements, my Action Plan and more:

School Trustee – All Candidates Forum – Salmon Arm Mon. Nov 3rd


Forum to be held for Salmon Arm School Trustee Candidates

The four candidates running for position of School Trustee in the Salmon Arm area will be heard at a forum on Monday, November 3, 2014. The event will be held at the District Education Centre (DEC) at 7:00 pm, and is sponsored by the Shuswap Middle School Parent Advisory Council.

Originally the Trustee candidates were to be a part of the all-candidate forum on Sunday held at the Prestige. The Salmon Arm Chamber of Commerce has since confirmed that the Trustee candidates will not be part of that specific forum.

All members of the public are invited to come. The format will include both questions from a moderator and questions from the floor, as time permits. Light refreshments will be provided.

For more information or to submit a question for the forum, contact: Jennifer Henrie ~ mjhenrie@shaw.ca  ~ 250-­‐832-­‐6999

Questions may be submitted by email only until midnight on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014.

Nov 8th set to Celebrate Shuswap Trail Stewards – Shuswap Trail Alliance

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News Release

October 27, 2014

The Shuswap, British Columbia – Shuswap Trail Alliance volunteer stewards, trail team, and regional partners are hard at it to complete a number of trail projects as the snow line creeps down the hillsides.

Friends of trails throughout the Shuswap are invited to gather for the annual Shuswap Trail Stewards fall workshop and celebration, Saturday, November 8th, at the Little Mountain Field House in Salmon Arm. Annual review and planning workshop 1:30 – 5:30 pm, potluck thank you celebration 5:30 – 7:30 pm. All welcome!

Here’s a quick taste of some of the good trail stewardship to celebrate:

  • the new Mica connector was just completed on the Larch Hills Traverse,
  • a new uphill climb trail was completed in the Rubberhead trail system,
  • a new equestrian section and the triangle trail reroutes were just completed along with substantial fixes to Prudential trail at South Canoe with further fixes to come,
  • upgrade projects at Park Hill and Little Mountain are underway in Salmon Arm,
  • the new Mt Baldy Lookout trail was completed offering a spectacular place to experience the Shuswap fall colours,
  • a major new addition to CSRD Parks and trails is underway at the Perry River in the East Shuswap thanks to the legacy gift of Peter Jennings,
  • the Larch Hills Nordic Society just hosted their annual Take-Back-the-Trails day last Saturday heralding another great nordic ski season to come, and snowshoeing!
  • trail signs were installed and repaired throughout the region
  • 1000’s of trail meters were brushed, cleaned, and cared for throughout the region
  • and of course, the recently upgraded Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park trails are helping people discover the profound cycle of nature through the peak Sockeye Salmon Run thanks to the incredible volunteer efforts of the Adams River Salmon Society and BC Parks.

And that’s just a taste. . .as volunteers at Saturday’s work party on the Enderby Cliff’s Tplaqin Trail will affirm. Tplaqin is the Secwepemc name given the trail by Splatsin leadership.

The Shuswap Trail Alliance is working with BC Parks to fix up a little section just below the first lookout bench, which is locally known as “Mom’s Bench” (not quite three kilometers up the trail). It’s a section with lots of clay in the soil which gets very slippery in the rain.

The Shuswap Trail Alliance trail team will be headed in again later this week to complete the spot repairs in time for winter. (Yes – the snow is coming. Get those snowshoes ready!)

Volunteer trail stewards are always needed. Add your name to the call out list by emailing trailreport@shuswaptrails.com or calling 250-832-0102. More info on trails throughout the Shuswap at www.shuswaptrails.com.


Photos: (taken by STA Project Manager, Kevin Clarkson) Volunteers Brad Case and Chris Stone, maneuver a special one wheeled carrier loaded with materials up the Enderby Cliff’s Tplaqin Trail to to fix up a little section just below the first lookout bench, which is locally known as “Mom’s Bench”. It’s a section with lots of clay in the soil which gets very slippery in the rain. Friends of trails from around the Shuswap are invited to the annual Trail Stewards workshop and celebration, Saturday November 8th, at the Little Mountain Field House in Salmon Arm. Annual review and planning workshop 1:30 – 5:30 pm, volunteer potluck thank you celebration 5:30 – 7:30 pm. All welcome! Check www.shuswaptrails.com for details.

Shuswap Theatre Halloween Costume Contest

Photo: We have had a great opening night for The Odd Couple! Tickets are selling fast. Purchase yours online at www.shuswaptheatre.com or at our ticket seller Intwined Fibre Arts

Come to “The Odd Couple” at Shuswap Theatre in your costume on Hallowe’en, Friday, October 31st.

The best costume receives two tickets to a MainStage production.

Tickets can be purchased on line at http://shuswaptheatre.com/ at Intwined Fibre Arts, 141C Hudson Ave. or at the theatre box office one hour before show begins.

Salmon Arm Council Quarterly Expenses (to October 1 2014)

Council members’ expenses are now public on an online, quarterly, itemized basis rather than the printed, 5 month after-the-year-was-over, annual aggregated basis that had been in place on the city’s website. It’s an idea that I put forward to council quite a while ago.

The 3rd quarter reporting of individual local politicos expenses was recently posted.

Here are those year-to-date summaries. The details of the itemized expenses are here. Figures are YTD cumulative to October 1 2014.

2014 Year-to-Date itemized expenses (cumulative)

Qrt1 Qrt2 Qrt3 Qrt4
Mayor Cooper $1451.87 $3795.91  $6143.17
Clr Cannon $1450.46 $5838.64  $7220.04
Clr Eliason $2131.88 $7035.29  $8040.17
Clr Harrison $467.55 $958.91  $1582.31
Clr Jamieson $1242.35 $2192.59  $3435.99
Clr Kentel $1181.40 $2074.50  $3782.90
Clr Reimer $2364.52 $3905.48  $4528.88

You can review the 2013 full year  as well as 2014 the itemized quarterly expenses information to-date via links here.

Perhaps this information is not in great demand by many but it’s important, imo, to have timely, transparent and easy access to the expense claims of our politicos – at all levels of government.

Here’s one previous Aim High post link on this -–http://salmonarm.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/public-scrutiny-of-itemized-expenses-and-conference-activities-good-for-local-government-as-well/

I Think It Just Might Be …

from the Twitterverse …

Renzo Soprano (@Renzo_Soprano)
Is it wrong to eat a muffin that looks just like your dog? pic.twitter.com/IOlSrdyNAS

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Great Morning at Salmon Arm’s Shuswap Pie Company

Lots of fun this morning with the taping of  You Gotta Eat Here with John Catucci.

Welcome to #SalmonArm and the #Shuswap John and crew.

Here’s a pitch for you John – How about You Gotta Meet Here ?

Contact Rick Mercer and both of you rendezvous in the Shuswap next summer.

Rick can show you how to hydrofoil on the lake and you can show Rick how to appreciate the Back Hand of God in a savoury pie as well as a glass – all digitalized!

Thanks to both of you for highlighting the uniqueness and passion of Salmon Arm.


* image from Facebook post

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

My son turns 3 in two weeks and has zero interest in potty training.

I’m trying one more time and then it’ll be his future wife’s problem.

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Shuswap Food Action Co-op Questions for Municipal Candidates

The Shuswap Food Action Co-op has posed 10 questions for municipal candidates.

Here are the questions. Responses are being forwarded to Co-op members as well as to to Aim High for posting.

1. What do you think is the municipalities’ role in planning and promoting sustainable food systems?

2. What would be your priority project related to food and agriculture over your term?

3. A Food Charter sets out a vision for health oriented, locals and equitable food system. If elected, would you support the adoption of a Food Charter for your jurisdiction?

4. Is protecting farmland for future generations important to you? Do you agree that all lands in the ALR should remain within the ALR? Are there other ways that we can ensure land is available and accessible for growing food into the future?

5. Food production and transportation is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. How importantly do you rate the production of food regionally, in an attempt to mitigate climate change?

6. Would you support the use of municipal lands and infrastructure to support the development of local food systems, for example for farmers markets, demonstration sites, farm incubators, leasing land to farmers, community gardens and food hubs?

7. Would you support a municipal food purchasing policy, embedding a 10% target for municipal outlets having food being produced from within the region?

8. What would you do to ensure that vulnerable populations have sufficient good, local food?

9. Would you support the development of a Regional Food Policy Council? What would you see as their most important task?

10. Would you advocate for the municipality to work with other levels of government on food security issues? What issues do you see as being a priority for this region to work on with other levels of government?

Click on Continue Reading for the individual responses – in the order submitted to Aim High – by the Co-op

Continue reading

Volunteers needed to finish upgrades on South Canoe trails – Shuswap Trails Alliance

News Release

September 22, 2014

Volunteers needed to finish upgrades on South Canoe trails

2014-04-26 Prudential Upgrades Voly Day (with horses) 009The Shuswap, British Columbia – Did you know the South Canoe Trail System is looked after by volunteer trail users just like you? Equestrian riders, hikers, and cyclists are working together to make the area safer, more enjoyable for all users, and more environmentally sustainable.

Three fall volunteer work parties are scheduled to continue working on upgrading the trails: starting this Sunday, Sept 28th, then Oct 5th, and Oct 19th. All work party days begin at 9:00 am, meeting at the parking lot on 10th Ave SE at 70th St SE. Bring gloves, weather-appropriate clothing, water and lunch. They are open to everyone – and always an enjoyable way to be outdoors and give back to the community.

An extraordinary effort of time and skill is being shared by dedicated individuals to gather stakeholders, facilitate planning, secure approvals, raise funds, assemble resources, coordinate volunteer days, haul rocks, repair trails, install culverts, build bridges, protect creeks, create signs, dig post holes, figure out maps, monitor environmental impacts, and work with City and Provincial land managers.

“We need healthy support from all users of the trail system during the volunteer days this fall to complete the current work,” says South Canoe Trail Advisory chairperson, Isabel Reinertson, adding that ongoing donations are welcomed.

The number one priority is to finish the Prudential multi-purpose trail upgrades begun in the spring. The upgrades target reducing environmental erosion and safer shared use for hikers, equestrian riders, and cyclists. Most of the work consists of labour as the material has been arranged.

Second priority is the completion of the new ‘Horsing Around’ trail that parallels the ‘Troll Bridge’ trail to give equestrians a safer connection to the Prudential trail. This alternate route for horses is almost complete. The final target for this season is completion of the Triangle Trail reroutes to reduce water issues on the bike trail.

Work this season was made possible through a $3000 donation from the EQ Trail Association combined with Shuswap Trail Alliance fund-raising totalling over $17,000, plus approximately $11,000 in additional in-kind contributions and $12,000 in volunteer labour contributed to date.

A public information session for friends of the South Canoe trail system is planned for November 27th in the evening to update on the 2014 progress and 2015 plans. Location TBA. For information on the info session check the South Canoe trail link and event calendar at www.shuswaptrails.com.

To find out more about trails throughout the Shuswap, check out www.shuswaptrails.com. And be sure to share trail maintenance needs through the trail report hotline email at trailreport@shuswaptrails.com

Photo: Shuswap Trail Alliance project leaders, Damon Kent and Jim Maybee, work with Equestrian riders, Donat Koller and Hugo Van Rooyien and a team of volunteers upgrading a section of the South Canoe Prudential Trail earlier this season. Improvements are making the trail system better for equestrian riders, cyclists, and hikers who are working together to plan fixes and new routes. More volunteer days swing into action this Sunday, Sept 28th, 9 am at the South Canoe trailhead. Also Oct. 5th and 19th, with a public information and planning gathering scheduled for November 27th. Check the events calendar at www.shuswaptrails.com for details.

“The Mores of Perception” by Duncan Morris

“There is no doubt throughout the Scientific community that we are globally facing the most profound changes ever to face mankind. Our leaders must first recognize and publicly acknowledge these changes before leading the discussion of what needs to be done.”
* For copyright purposes (of both the contributor and Aim High), Aim High Salmon Arm (salmonarm.wordpress.com) does not grant any rights for re-publication or re-use of its blog content material except in the manner described here.

Salmon Arm All Candidates Forum – Now Sunday Nov 2nd 2014

Sponsored by the Salmon Arm Chamber of Commerce at the Prestige 1 -4 pm

Questions are to be submitted in advance. Follow http://sachamber.bc.ca/events.php?id=1546 for more information.

In order to maximize our time with the candidates, we are collecting in advance questions from our members and the community which will be presented for response.  Advance questions will be reviewed for duplication and prioritized based on time available.

See you there!

Big Trees Saved and Other Feats

After a successful book launch of the story of the Shuswap Environmental Action Society , you can purchase the book at the Observer office. Kudos!

Big trees SEAS

“Return to Humamilt Lake” by Jim Cooperman

Check out Jim’s Oct 3 2014 full post Humamilt Lake here at his Shuswap Passsion blog.


Located about one and half-hours east of the Adams River bridge, the 12-kilometre long Humamilt Lake is by far the best small lake in the Shuswap for paddling. We canoed the east half of the lake in 2006 and on September 21st we returned to paddle the west half and enjoy what was a warm and sunny end of summer. The diversity of the shoreline amazed us, with its towering rock bluffs, wetlands, beaver dams and lodges, and massive old growth Douglas fir trees.

* image from Jim’s site and used with standing permission.

Help the new Shuswap Performing Arts Centre

Dear patron of the Arts and Culture,

 Things are progressing well with respect to our goal to build a Shuswap Performing Arts Centre. The city has purchased some land and said it would be a good place for the new facility. We will be spending the next 6-8 months working with some advisors to update our business plan. The city has said they will not give us any operating funds, so we will have to be financially self sufficent. We need some funds to get things rolling …. and here is where you fit in my friends !

Let’s get started! Help the Shuswap Performing Arts Centre happen. Aviva Insurance gives a total of $1 million to community projects.  You just have to vote once a day starting Monday, October 20 to November 3 and again November 20 to December 4. We will be eligible for up to $100,000 if we get enough votes.

Not much for you to do, just go to https://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/2015/acf21051 and register to vote,

You can go there every day and cast one vote. The group with the most votes get the money !

Pretty simple. Check us out at …..  www.s-sac.com

Shuswap Trail News – Oct 7



At this time of Thanksgiving celebration our thoughts turn gratefully to you with warm appreciation.

The STA TEAM would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for all your hard work and the countless volunteer hours that everyone so graciously donates. YOU are making a difference – one trail at a time.


TEACHERS / INSTRUCTORS – Want to give your students an amazing opportunity?

Shuswap Trail Alliance (STA) still has open spots with our trained trail crew to book a class or afternoon out with Mother Nature building trail.  This is a perfect way to give our youth some ownership of the trails and take a legacy into adulthood.

For more information please call Lori 250-833-6131


Here are the highlights:

  • Important Bulletins
  • SEAS – ‘Big Trees Saved’ book launch – Oct 15
  • South Canoe Logging update and Voly Day – Oct 19
  • Enderby Cliffs Voly Day – Oct 25
  • Shuswap Outdoor Club – Oct 25/26 to Nov 22
  • Warren Miller’s Ticket to Ride – Nov 14
  • The Banff Mountain Film Fest – November 22 and 23
  • Shuswap Bicycle Club’s – weekly and recurring rides
  • Book a TrailRider for accessibility on trails
  • Summer trail reports to trailreport@shuswaptrails.com

Here are the details: Continue reading

Book Launch -Big Trees Saved and Other Feats – The Story of the Shuswap Environmental Action Society

The book launch for Big Trees Saved and Other Feats – The story of the Shuswap Environmental Action Society is set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 15 in the hall at First United Church at 450 Okanagan Ave. SE.

The Big Trees Saved book launch will be a celebratory affair with live music, a multi-media presentation, speakers, refreshments, and books for sale.

The musical entertainment will be provided by singer/songwriter and recording artist Sylvain Vallee on keyboards. He will perform a number of songs with an environmental message, including Pipeline, the reggae protest song about the proposed Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline.

Speakers include the author, Deanna Kawatski and Salmon Arm Mayor Nancy Cooper and Shuswap Trail Alliance Executive Director Phil McIntyre-Paul

Two More Days to Register – Not Going to Be in Town for Salmon Arm’s Local Election – Nov 15 2014?

vote button

Mail-In Balloting is new for this election although you’re going to have to meet some tight timelines in order to use this option … and you’re going to have to register before October 15th if you want to be eligible.


Here’s the skinny:

- Salmon Arm Council has approved a Mail In Ballot for this election – that’s a good thing

- The application to be eligible for the Mail In Ballot is pretty straight-forward and is available via the link below or from city hall.

- The only way for anyone who wants to vote but who will be away before the first advance poll on Wed. Nov 5th 2014 is to register for a Mail In Ballot and you have to do this before October 15th.

That’s the start of the tight timeline but it gets even tighter.

- The actual printed Mail In Ballots won’t be available until late October (whether they are picked up (by you or a designee) or are mailed to your travelling address.

- To be counted, the ballots have to be received before the close of voting on General Voting Day (November 15, 2014). That gives 2-3 weeks max to receive the ballot and get it back into the hands of the electoral officer.

This will provide a further voting option for some folks but the ability to receive and return the ballots from international locations – exotic or not – may very well be tight.

That important Mail In Ballot registration information is at the city link here .

Don’t tarry!

More general election information for Salmon Arm is here.

The Advance Polls are:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 and Wednesday, November 12, 2014
WHERE: City of Salmon Arm Council Chambers (500 – 2nd Avenue NE)
TIME: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m


Federal Parties’ Nominations Firmed Up (Updated)

… for the North Okanagan Shuswap – in preparation for the October 19th 2015 federal election. Originally posted on Sept 29th.

This brief snapshot will be has been clarified in the next few weeks.

NDP Jacqui Gingras
Liberals Cindy Derkaz
Green Party Dave Smith
Conservatives Mel Arnold

* As a side-note , while news of the nominations is now ‘old news’, posts on Aim High show up high in Google searches. I’ll add the candidates’ web pages as they become available so this post can serve as a launching pad.