Double Music Bill @ Shuswap Pie Co today

Headwater’s gig was cancelled for yesterday’s Wow due to the major storm but they’re now going to perform at 4 pm at the Shuswap Pie Co followed by the scheduled performance by Seal Skull Hammer.

Check it out!

BC Local Governments & Medical Marijuana – Taxation & Location Implications

prscripOn April 1 2014, new Canadian rules came into effect promoting a private-sector commercial marijuana production industry over what had been in place previously. There’s been ongoing confusion over what that means for licensed users for personal production as well as some dilemmas for local governments.

This post focuses on local government implications and recent developments.

In general, the issues relate to location and taxation. Some recent developments have clarified both of those issues – in a truly Canadian-style decision-making tradition. Continue reading


Canoe Beach Sunset July 12 2014

July 12 canoe beach 2014 copy

“Shuswap’s first tourist” by Jim Cooperman

Jim Cooperman’s post Shuswap’s first tourist June 28 2014 is an interesting read.

Check it out!


In the early 1880s, Kamloops was still a small cattle town with only one school and the only settlers in the Shuswap Lake area were in Chase and Enderby. The Inland Sentinel was published in Yale on an ancient press imported from California to Victoria in 1853 and it served the whole interior of the province. In October 1882, its owner/editor Michael Hagan wrote the following account of his trip on the sternwheeler, the Spallumcheen, from Savona to Fortune’s Landing (near present day Enderby) that provides a fascinating overview of the Shuswap prior to settlement:

The Heart of Salmon Arm Photo Contest

PRESS RELEASE  Immediate Release   July 11th, 2014

Get your camera ready! Downtown Salmon Arm is proud to announce the first edition of the ‘Heart of Salmon Arm Photo Contest’.

Oimage001ur downtown is made up of more than just the buildings, roads, and the brick and concrete that surround us. It is the people that give our community its charm and character. They create the social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being of our community and are the keepers of the legacy that we leave our children and future generations.

Downtown Salmon Arm is calling on all photographers and community members to help us celebrate our beautiful downtown, Continue reading

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

Been with a two year old for less than 12 hours & the number of times I’ve asked “Where are your pants?” has exceeded the hours.

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Contentious Cases and Consequences – with more than a Sprig of Control.

David Schreck has posted a helpful overview (Bargaining Working Conditions July 12 2014) of the legal background that underlies the current contract throwdown between teachers and the BC Libs. Check it out!

Practitioners and students of industrial relations will probably find the Bill 22 Decision required reading. At over 50,000 words it provides impressive examples of argument, logic and fact-finding that the government must hope few ever read. Some sections cannot be read without thinking government representatives were behaving like the Keystone Cops.

Continue reading

Local NDP to Select Federal Candidate

July 11, 2014  For Immediate Release

Members of the NDP will choose their representative in the next federal election at a nomination convention in Armstrong August 23. “We have had interest from several potential candidates. One has been accepted by the party’s vetting process, and another has made an application”, said Nick Hodge, local association president.

“We have had discussions about forming a coalition of opposition parties locally for the next election. Our executive has decided that we will not be involved in restricting the choices on the ballot. While we understand the sentiment, in a democracy more choice is always better, and so we will putting forward an NDP candidate in the next election.”

Voters at the convention must have been a member of the BC NDP for at least 30 days prior to the convention. New candidates may still join the race. Those interested should be a member of the party and be prepared
to file an application with the federal NDP prior to the convention. The meeting is open to the public and everyone is welcome.

* submitted by Nick Hodge
President, North Okanagan-Shuswap NDP

Salmon Arm Council Quarterly Expenses (to June 30 2014) Now Online

expensesThe initiative to post council members’ expenses publicly on an online, quarterly, itemized basis rather than the printed, 5 month after-the-year-was-over, annual aggregated basis that had been in place … is now up on the city’s website. The 2nd quarter reporting of what individual local politicos expensed is now posted. Continue reading

Public Open-Houses for Protection of Shuswap Water Quality & Safety

The “SLIPP 3-year Pilot Program” is now completed and a new Watershed Organization is being developed to Coordinate Water Quality and Safety in the Watershed.

The development is being spearheaded by the newly established “Shuswap Watershed Council” (SWC) consisting of elected leaders from Shuswap Communities, Regional Districts, First Nations, BC Govt. Agencies, Water Quality Organizations, and the Fraser Basin Council.

SWC partners agree it is very important that the public provide input into this watershed organization. SWAT Directors encourage all watershed residents to attend one of the 7 Public Open House/feedback sessions to learn what has been accomplished, what is proposed, and provide your input. We believe that affirmative and active involvement by the public is essential to protect our watershed water quality now and for the future.

The locations and dates are:

  • July 9 Chase Chase Community hall 547 Shuswap Avenue 
  • July 10 Falkland Falkland Community hall 5706 Highway 97 
  • July 15 Sicamous Sicamous & district recreation Centre 1121 Eagle Pass Way 
  • July 16 Salmon arm Shaw Centre (intermissions restaurant) 2600 10th Avenue NE 
  • July 21 N. Shuswap- Scotch Creek Com hall 3852 Squilax-Anglemont Road 
  • July 23 Sorrento/S. Shuswap Sorrento Memorial hall 1150 Passchendaele Road 
  • July 28 Enderby/upper Shuswap enderby drill hall 208 George Street

Please forward this information and invite your friends, neighbors and community organizations to attend.

For more information see the attached poster and/or go to


From the Directors of SWAT

Local Non-Profits Join Together to Benefit the Community

Canucks Like You’ve Never Thought of Them

The Macleans article 22 maps of Canada as you’ve never seen it before (June 27 2014) introduces a whole new slice to our mental maps of Canada.

Where do folks tweet more about hockey than church? ( perhaps a confirmation that northern Albertans really are trapped in cult worship); which province swears the most on Twitter? and much much more – RobFo and all.

… and you think that Salmon Arm is unique as a retirement destination?  Continue reading

SAS Grad 2014

Thanks to Brad Calkins for permission to re-post his great images from SAS Grad 2014.

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Local Government Elections 2014 – Aim High to Expand Coverage

question mark

Your questions – your candidates – your votes!

After a successful Q&A series during the 2013 provincial election, Aim High will provide regional coverage of the declared candidates and their views in the following jurisdictions. Continue reading

Shuswap Local Government Elections 2014 – Submit a Question

Local government elections take place on Saturday November 15 2014.

Here’s your chance to ask questions of those who are vying to represent you. Submit your questions to me via the Contact form here. Please indicate if your question is for candidates of:

Salmon Arm mayor and/or council

Sicamous mayor and/or council

CSRD electoral areas A-F (or all areas)

North – Okanagan – Shuswap School District #83 trustees

Aim High will  then collate your questions and Continue reading

The Start of a New Look …

… here on Aim High.

The first change is a move to posting excerpts rather than full articles on the front page. Clicking on the Continue reading  link at the end of the excerpt leads to  … 
Continue reading

Iconic Shuswap Image …

… courtesy of Bernd Hermanski – as initiallly seen on FB (July 4 2014).

Little Shuswap clouds BH 2014_ web

A great shot!

Federation of Canadian Municipalities – Salmon Arm Councillors’ Report on the 2014 Conference

Councillors Cannon and Eliason were slated to attend the four-day Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference in Niagara Falls onMay 30 to June 2 2014. See here for my first thoughts from March 30 2014.

I’ve contacted both councillors to ask them the usual questions that I’ve posed to local politicos attending conferences paid for by city tax dollars. Some of the scheduled workshops included Social-Economic Development, Rail Safety, Adaptation to Climate Change etc.

Here are those questions: Continue reading


Tim Lavery:

A fine analysis of the “Twilight Zone” where teachers and the BC Libs exist – Bargaining, bitterness and blame Check it out – by Rob Mickleburg

Originally posted on Mickleblog:


As I survey the battered, teacher-government battleground, I’m reminded of Oliver Hardy’s oft-repeated words to his bumbling accomplice Stan Laurel: “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.”

For indeed, it is a mess, more of a mess than any of the many previous confrontations between the province’s 30,000 teachers and whoever holds the reins of power in Victoria. In my view, the teachers have legitimate grievances, but they have managed to wind up on an indefinite picket line against a government which, for the first time, is prepared to leave them out there, while gratefully pocketing millions and millions of dollars in salary savings.

At the same time, the war of words between the parties could drive a smiley face to despair. Christy Clark and Education Minister Peter Fassbender seem to do nothing but enhance teacher bitterness with every public utterance, while B.C. Teachers’ Federation president Jim Iker…

View original 1,293 more words

Why BC Teachers Are Angry

… this vid hits it out of the park!

.. Plus a box of timbits for those who spot one minor error – one that doesn’t alter the underlying situation today in 2014.

Your thoughts?