Federal Parties’ Nominations Firming Up (Updated)

… for the North Okanagan Shuswap – in preparation for the October 19th 2015 federal election.

This brief snapshot will be clarified in the next few weeks.

NDP Jacqui Gingras has been nominated.
Liberals Cindy Derkaz has been nominated.
Green Party Dave Smith has been nominated.
Conservatives Will select their nominee on October 3rd and 4th. Janet Green, Mel Arnold, Scott Anderson and Wayne Lippert are candidates to replace Colin Mayes.

Future Tat …

An app that … will analyze a picture of that tattoo you are about to get for how deformed it will become over time after expanding, sagging, etc. Prevents that cute little butterfly from metamorphosing into an attacking pterodactyl.

*from the Washington Post’s The Style Invitational where they asked readers to suggest a humorously useful — or counterproductive — phone app.

“Route of the Hiawatha” by Duncan Morris

This is the latest (Part 3) video from our “Summer Sizzler” series. This one is called the “Route of the Hiawatha”- a rail to trail from Lookout Pass on the Idaho/Montana border in the Bitterroot Mountain range down to Pearson trail head, a total of seventeen miles with a 1,000 ft. drop through ten tunnels (including the 1.7 mile long Taft Tunnel at the start) and seven trestles’. We had to bust a move on this one again as the dogs had to be locked in the car. The iron ore and silver from the mines in Mullen were relied upon heavily to aid the war effort and the Hiawatha line was of prime interest. Hope you like it.

Shuswap Community Champion – Shuswap Community Foundation

*Click on image for a larger view

As part of the ‘Smart & Caring Communities’ initiative being spearheaded by Community Foundations of Canada, the 191 Awareness Campaign is introducing Canadians from coast to coast to the 191 community foundations that criss-cross our country, uniting our biggest cities and smallest towns, and helping communities where they need it the most. And part of that campaign is the Community Champions program.

Reminder: The Foundation’s Annual Community Meeting is being held at the Prestige on Thursday, October 2 @ 7:00 pm. Grants will be disbursed to their recipients, followed by refreshments.
Thank you.

Ineke Hughes

PS. Jennifer’s story is on the CFC’s website atwww.communityfoundations.ca under “View all Ads” at the bottom. You have to scroll down a bit to find her.

More input sought for Solid Waste Planning – CSRD

SWMP paper display ad 2014

The CSRD is still looking for residents and business owners to take a few moments to complete the Solid Waste Management Plan Survey.  We kindly ask that you forward this information to your contacts.  Changes to garbage fees and collection services are being investigated, and now is your opportunity to provide feedback.

Those who take the survey have the chance to enter to win a $250 pre paid Visa card!


Carmen Fennell | Waste Reduction Facilitator

Environmental Health Services

Operations Management

Columbia Shuswap Regional District

T: 250.833.5936 | F: 250.832.1083 | TF: 1.888.248.2773

E: cfennell@csrd.bc.ca | W: www.csrd.bc.ca


Shuswap Family Resource Centre – Fundraiser Friday October 3 2014

Pass the rolling pin – Shuswap Pie Company sold to long-time manager – Press Release

!cid_70B77425-A456-44C3-A390-BD727C367B09@localSeptember 25, 2014 – Salmon Arm, BC
In 2009, Mike and Mary Jo took temporary leave from the hectic pace of the Vancouver film industry. The couple chose Salmon Arm to fulfill their personal dreams of building a pie shop and restoring an older home. In the five years since their arrival, they have accomplished that and so much more. The Shuswap Pie Company has become a community nexus for art and music as well as pie and coffee. It employes two dozen people and features local produce and products such as Little Red Hen Artisan Bread and Crannog Ale.
As it’s now become a favourite stop for so many of us, and a anchor in the downtown core,  it’s important for Mary Jo and Mike to share some exciting news with the community. Effective October 1, the Shuswap Pie Company is owned by long-time manager and life-long resident, Tovah Shantz. 
As for everything else, it’s business as usual; same great staff, same yummy recipes, same friendly service. “Tovah’s been with us along the way, we’re so pleased to have built this solid business with her help and now she can call it her own with a solid team behind her including Drew Jackson, Emily Valentini and Jordan Dick. “There comes a time when you have to pass the rolling pin and this team is ready” says Mary-Jo of the sale. 
The couple, who recently sold their restored home, are planning a return to the film industry. “The film business has always been a part of our lives and with the prospect of a very exciting production afoot, it seemed like the right time to re-enter the industry” says Mike of the decision to return to Vancouver. 
“Of course we’ll miss it” says the couple. “But we know it’s in good hands and we know the Shuswap Pie Company is bigger than just us. It’s part of the community now. We look forward to coming back as guests and enjoying a visit with our many friends and loyal customers.” 

Volunteers needed to finish upgrades on South Canoe trails


More good news out on Shuswap Trails. Calling all community volunteers while the fall weather stays friendly. Thanks for spreading the word! ~ Phil McP for the Shuswap Trail Alliance.

News Release

September 22, 2014

Volunteers needed to finish upgrades on South Canoe trails

T2014-04-26 Prudential Upgrades Voly Day (with horses) 009he Shuswap, British Columbia – Did you know the South Canoe Trail System is looked after by volunteer trail users just like you? Equestrian riders, hikers, and cyclists are working together to make the area safer, more enjoyable for all users, and more environmentally sustainable.

Three fall volunteer work parties are scheduled to continue working on upgrading the trails: starting this Sunday, Sept 28th, then Oct 5th, and Oct 19th. All work party days begin at 9:00 am, meeting at the parking lot on 10th Ave SE at 70th St SE. Bring gloves, weather-appropriate clothing, water and lunch. They are open to everyone – and always an enjoyable way to be outdoors and give back to the community.

An extraordinary effort of time and skill is being shared by dedicated individuals to gather stakeholders, facilitate planning, secure approvals, raise funds, assemble resources, coordinate volunteer days, haul rocks, repair trails, install culverts, build bridges, protect creeks, create signs, dig post holes, figure out maps, monitor environmental impacts, and work with City and Provincial land managers Continue reading

Scott Anderson Endorsed by Leader of the BC Conservatives


NRCPC-004                                                               September 22, 2014

NORTH OKANAGAN SHUSWAP— Dan Brooks, leader of the BC Conservative Party, has endorsed Scott Anderson, a nomination candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the North Okanagan Shuswap.

‎”Scott Anderson is a true conservative who has proved himself a very capable and extremely intelligent man,” said Brooks.  “I have been impressed so many times with his deep conservative convictions, his ability to articulate conservative values, and his loyalty to the conservative cause.‎  More than this though, his work and experience in federal and provincial politics have earned my respect and trust as a man of his word who gets things done.  Three things come to mind immediately when I think of Scott; brilliant, loyal, and trustworthy.”

Tom Birch, President of the BC Conservatives, has also endorsed Anderson Continue reading


Green Party – Meet Candidate Dave Smith

green meet

What’s Grandma Saying

An app that … translates cursive writing into plain block letters.

*from the Washington Post’s The Style Invitational where they asked readers to suggest a humorously useful — or counterproductive — phone app.

Not Going to Be in Town for Salmon Arm’s Local Election – Nov 15 2014?

vote button

Mail-In Balloting is new for this election although you’re going to have to meet some tight timelines in order to use this option … and you’re going to have to register before October 15th if you want to be eligible.


Here’s the skinny:

- Salmon Arm Council has approved a Mail In Ballot for this election – that’s a good thing

- The application to be eligible for the Mail In Ballot is pretty straight-forward and is available via the link below or from city hall.

- The only way for anyone who wants to vote but who will be away before the first advance poll on Wed. Nov 5th 2014 is to register for a Mail In Ballot and you have to do this before October 15th.

That’s the start of the tight timeline but it gets even tighter.

- The actual printed Mail In Ballots won’t be available until late October (whether they are picked up (by you or a designee) or are mailed to your travelling address.

- To be counted, the ballots have to be received before the close of voting on General Voting Day (November 15, 2014). That gives 2-3 weeks max to receive the ballot and get it back into the hands of the electoral officer.

This will provide a further voting option for some folks but the ability to receive and return the ballots from international locations – exotic or not – may very well be tight.

That important Mail In Ballot registration information is at the city link here .

Don’t tarry!

More general election information for Salmon Arm is here.

The Advance Polls are:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 and Wednesday, November 12, 2014
WHERE: City of Salmon Arm Council Chambers (500 – 2nd Avenue NE)
TIME: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m


“Return to Hunakwa Lake” by Jim Cooperman

After reading Jim’s latest, you’ll want to visit.

It is one of the Shuswap’s truly special places. Hunakwa Lake lies in the low valley between the Anstey Arm of Shuswap Lake and the small community of Seymour Arm, and is the centerpiece of the 6,853-hectare Anstey Hunakwa Provincial Park. Last weekend, we canoed around the six kilometre long wilderness lake and were fully absorbed by its pristine serenity, rich wildlife habitat and the amazing views of the distant hills and mountains.

It was over 20 years ago that the campaign began to protect Hunakwa Lake and the surrounding forested hillsides, including the ecologically rich Wright Lake near Seymour Arm. Our first visit to the lake was via the 3-kilometre long BC Parks trail from Anstey Arm and we were most impressed away by the massive cedar trees and the sight of a large lake with no signs of human activity. But back in the early 1990s this wilderness area was at threat from road building and logging.

Check out the post at http://shuswappassion.ca/shuswap/return-to-hunakwa-lake/

CSRD Achieves Carbon Neutrality

Carmen Fennell | Waste Reduction Facilitator

Environmental Health Services

Operations Management

Columbia Shuswap Regional District

T: 250.833.5936 | F: 250.832.1083 | TF: 1.888.248.2773

E: cfennell@csrd.bc.ca | W: www.csrd.bc.ca


Back to School!

Students, families and educators – have a great start to a definitely new school year.

Parents, public and teachers – please stay involved and engaged on the chronic under-funding that continues to degrade public education.

Find out what your children and school community need … and ask for it.

Talk to your politicos every chance that you get and whenever you see them.

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

To wake my daughter, I usually say, “Time to get up,” and she complains and falls back asleep.

Today I yelled, “Centipede!”

It worked.

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

How and why is climate change shaping our lives? Thin Ice and Disruption

Shuswap Environmental Action Society
Press Release
September 19, 2014

On Tuesday, September 30th, Shuswap residents will be able to find out the answers to these questions. In support of the global initiative to put pressure on political leaders and as a follow-up to the Sept. 20th climate change march, the Shuswap Environmental Action Society (SEAS) is sponsoring two important films about climate change.

At 7:00 pm, the Salmar Classic Theatre, at 360 Alexander St. in Salmon Arm, will be the venue for this significant community event. The two documentary films will show the real story about climate change.

The first, Thin Ice, samples the vast array of field science behind global warming. And it shows how those who deny that it is happening and deny that human society is responsible for the warming are tragically wrong.The second documentary, Disruption, was created especially for the lead-up to the United Nations’ emergency summit meeting on global climate change on September 23rd. The film reveals why the one of largest ever demonstrations of public concern about global warming occurred all over the world, in advance of this historic meeting of world leaders in New York City.

“Climate change is accelerating faster than predicted and we are already seeing the impacts, from droughts, to forest fires, to severe storms, dying forests, melting ice and rising sea levels, explained Jim Cooperman Continue reading

Public Education for Sale…

… and not by Owner!

Offers – Counter Offers – Barter?

Your thoughts?

Public Education is Hurting

Tim Lavery:

Good chronology and overview of Public Education (and teachers) seen as an “expense” rather than an investment. Check it out and please pass it on.

Originally posted on Schools, Politics and Other Stuff:

" Teaching is so much more than having knowledge to impart.. "

” Teaching is so much more than having knowledge to impart…”

The current B.C. public school dispute is only the latest example, though admittedly the worst, of decades of the undervaluing and underfunding of B.C. public schools and teachers.

Those who aren’t in schools can’t be expected to grasp the level of carnage in our schools over the past twenty years. But instead of listening to hysterical pundits on C.K.N.W. or the Fraser institute, take it from someone who organized and operated schools for 35 years.

B.C.’s public schools are skeletons of their former selves and we are passing the crisis point.

Were our kids going to school, they would be going to schools that are generally deteriorating, under staffed, under supplied and continuously under siege.

The grass isn’t cut, the weeds aren’t pulled, and summer painting is rare. Renovations, upgrades, and new equipment have long been put on hold…

View original 1,489 more words

Clark government must act now to end B.C. teachers strike – The Globe and Mail