Shuswap Trail Alliance celebrates 10 years

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December 15, 2014

Shuswap Trail party tickets go on sale celebrating 10 years

The Shuswap, British Columbia – It started with a party and continues with a party! Tickets went on sale this week for the annual Shuswap Trail Alliance fundraiser and celebration just in time for Christmas stocking stuffers. And this year’s event celebrates the 10th year of regional collaboration on greenway trail development together. Tickets are now available at both Skookum Cycle & Ski and Ridetech in Salmon Arm.

The event has become a phenomenon in the Shuswap, selling out several weeks in advance each year. “We started getting anxious calls for tickets last month,” says STA chair, Winston Pain, noting the call for Silent Auction donations has also gone out. All local businesses are welcomed to participate. Jumping to the front of the line was Lakeside Printing, who donated the ticket printing costs. “We are very pleased to have Scarecrow back, along with EZRock’s Patrick Ryley, to get the crowd dancing and celebrating all of the accomplishments that we have all achieved in the region in 2014.”

Shuswap MLA, Greg Kyllo, recently acknowledged the collective work of the Shuswap Trail Alliance partners and volunteers in an official statement to the Legislative Assembly. The statement presented to the House thanks the staff, executive, and “amazing volunteers of the Shuswap Trail Alliance for their hard work in providing such an amazing opportunity for residents and visitors to experience the natural beauty of the Shuswap.” Check out the full statement posted on YouTube through the link at

The 2014 Shuswap Trail project list is impressive, with over 50 projects, 60 volunteer trail events, 14,000 meters of new greenways added in six different parts of the Shuswap, over 120,000 meters of trails maintained, improved, and made more environmentally sustainable, and 160 new trail signs added. “When you walk, ski, or ride on a local trail, you can know volunteers and regional partners worked together to make that possible,” says Phil McIntyre-Paul, Executive Director of the Shuswap Trail Alliance. “The annual fundraiser celebration gives us the foundational resources to support that ongoing work.”

Highlights from the 2014 Shuswap Trail season include impressive upgrades to the South Canoe trail system, new additions to the Larch Hills Traverse and the Rubberhead trail systems sponsored by Recreation Sites and Trails BC, protection by Larch Hills trail stewards of wetlands thanks to funding from the Shuswap Community Foundation, new trail reroutes care of the City of Salmon Arm greenways program, upgrades to the Enderby Cliffs T’plaqin Trail thanks to the BC Parks Enhancement Fund, the creation of three new trails through the Columbia Shuswap Regional District Parks and Trails program, a growing partnership with the Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society thanks to the work of White Lake Trail Stewards, new promotional Nordic trail maps produced by Shuswap Tourism, and the completion of the Enderby/Splatsin Active Transportation Plan through a partnership between the City of Enderby, Splatsin Chief and Council, Interior Health, and the Shuswap Trail Alliance.

“2015 will be a pivotal year,” says Winston, noting the recent gathering of Secwepemc, Regional, Municipal, and Provincial leadership in November at Pierre’s Point to identify new priorities for the regional trails strategy. “It’s also year three of our 3-year pilot agreement with the CSRD, Salmon Arm, Enderby, and NORD. We will be evaluating what the next 5-years should look like.” Project priorities include new additions to existing regional trails, expanded active transportation planning, and of course, the pending opportunity to see the abandoned Sicamous to Armstrong rail line transformed into a world class greenway for walking and cycling. “So buy those tickets to the annual celebration and help to make all of this possible,” says Winston.

Tickets are available for sale at both Skookum Cycle & Ski and Ridetech in Salmon Arm. The annual celebration and fundraiser lights up deep winter on Friday, February 6th. Silent Auction donations can be dropped off at both ticket locations. For more information on the Shuswap Trails Annual Fundraiser Celebration and trails throughout the Shuswap visit

Keeping Up with Salmon Arm City Council

swiss_army_USB_knifeIt takes work and diligence to keep up with what arrives on city council’s plate – and that’s for anyone who wants to follow city items let alone the city politicos themselves.

As an interested party, it takes dedication to find, sort through and follow relevant information and items. It takes work and time to keep up. I’d like to again emphasize a few ways to be up to speed on city matters that you may be passionate about.

Plus, if it’s any consolation, public information is available to you at the same time that I get access to it as a city councillor.

So, some “following” options:

One way is Continue reading

Shuswap River December 10th by Bernd Hermanski

Shuswap River BH


herons on pilings in SA bay today_BH

herons on pilings in SA bay today

last rays of the day above Tappen_BH

last rays of the day above Tappen

More amazing images of our region. Click on a photo for a larger version.

Used with permission.

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

3yo: What’s wrong mom?

Me:  I don’t feel great today.

Deli guy: Can I help you Ma’am?


Me: No that will be all.

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Shuswap Trail News – Dec 12

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Check out MLA Greg Kyllo’s statement at ‘Debates of the Legislative Assembly – Hansard’

See details below


STA Annual Auction and Dance – Feb 6th SPONSOR Invitation Drive is now upon us…….

See details below


MERRY CHRISTMAS – THE Feb 6th Annual Auction and Dance TICKETS HAVE ARRIVED…  Here they come stocking stuffers……

See details below


Here are the highlights:


  • MLA Greg Kyllo speaks on STA at Legislation
  • Annual Auction & Dance –  Feb 6th Sponsor INVITE
  • Rail Trail News & Updates
  • Stewards & Volunteers – T SHIRTS


  • Skookum’s Salty Dog ’15 registration – Jan 9 2015
  • Shuswap Probis Club – Jan 15, 2015
  • Shuswap Trail Alliance Silent Auction & Dance – Feb 6th, 2015
  • Book a TrailRider for accessibility on trails
  • Summer trail reports to

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CPR Holiday Train – Salmon Arm – Monday December 15th 2014

holiday-train-16:30 p.m. at the Lordco parking lot.


Please bring a donation to support our local food bank in Salmon Arm.

Musical performances by Jim Cuddy and Tracey Brown.

December Light 2014

These excellent images are from Brad Calkins’ Twitter feed and kindly shared with Aim High. Thanks Brad.


No Your Eyes Aren’t Going …

…those screen  snowflakes are a seasonal feature of the blog software provider … Ho Ho Ho

Systems Ecology–MacQuarrie Institute Lecture

Systems Ecology: Holistic Planning for Today & Tomorrow

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Salmar Classic Theatre

Systems Ecologist Barry Wilson shares a holistic approach to land use that encompasses our common vision for the future – one that sees us benefit and enjoy the land, air and waters that sustain us today ­ and one that recognizes that our use of these resources today must be tempered by the knowledge that we truly do hold the world in our hands. While the path towards our future seems strewn with conflict, misunderstanding, mistrust and frustration, Wilson and Salmon Arm Secondary Science teacher Dave Ramsey share an exciting and innovative plan to bring interactive Systems Ecology into classrooms across BC, with the aim of shedding light on the impacts of our actions our own environments.

MacQuarrie Institute Lecture - February 2015

More info at: MacQuarrie Institute Lecture – February 2015

*as snipped from FaceBook

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

If you had to hear your name repeated 3,457 times a day, you’d probably be crazy too.

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

“The potential for new trails above Celista” by Jim Cooperman

Check out the full version of  Jim’s post on Farrell’s Field (Dec 7 2014) .



Little is known about William Farrell, the Welch immigrant who homesteaded the quarter section (160 acres) back in 1918. The remains of his buildings can apparently still be found on Leopold Road. At some point in time, the property was divided and one story claims he donated the land to the community, while another explains that the property reverted to the crown because the taxes were not paid. We may never know the truth, but regardless the land is listed legally as park reserve, and for two decades beginning in the mid-1970s, it was under the management of the community association.

*Image used with standing permission


Salmon Arm Christmas Sweater Movement – Please share


“Mt Ida Seasons”

Check out D’Arcy Mcleod’s images of Mt. Ida from his YouTube slice.

A year watching mother nature play her natural rhythms of the seasons upon the mountain that watches over Salmon Arm, BC.

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

Being woken up by my son’s precious laughter would be the absolute best way to be woken up if it didn’t actually wake me up.

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Us … in scale


Click image for a larger view

“Fear and Loathing in Ottawa” by Duncan Morris

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Shuswap Trail News – Dec 3

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Our neighbours have reached a deal with CN for Okanagan rail corridor

Let the DREAM of our own Shuswap North Okanagan Rail Trail become reality and be a Christmas Gift to each of us – GET YOUR SUPPORT LETTERS IN

Details below


STEWARDS AND VOLUNTEERS – if you have reached your goal of THREE VOLY DAYS out on the trails with us this year – we are proud to say our 2014 Voly T-shirts are in. Please contact us to arrange pick up for yours.

AND if by chance you missed picking up your 2013 Voly shirt let us know.

Call Lori @ 250-832-0102

AGAIN the STA TEAM thanks you for another great year.  Without YOU there would be no Shuswap Trail Alliance.


PLEASE NOTE: PUBLIC CALL TO ACTION for Rail Trail Support Letter on our website has the updated email addresses for our new Council.  Please discard old support letter.


Here are the highlights:

Important Bulletins

  • Skookum’s Salty Dog ’15 registration – Jan 9 2015
  • Shuswap Probis Club – Jan 15, 2015
  • Shuswap Trail Alliance Silent Auction & PARTY – Feb 6th, 2015
  • Book a TrailRider for accessibility on trails
  • Summer trail reports to

Here are the details:

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Community Champion Kay Braby

“Canadian history and future” by Dan MacQuarrie

John Ralston Saul, in his latest book, “ The Comeback,” has given us the best possible Gift for Christmas.   He paints a brilliant, balanced picture of who we Canadians really are, by telling the whole truth about where we came from.

He exposes the fallacy of,” living a mythology which fails to include the existence of aboriginals.”     All Canadians, really need to examine his view of Canadian history, starting with the proclamation of 1763 by King George III.

In 1764 the Treaty of Fort Niagara, and a Wampum Belt, explained how the Two Nations, Britain and the Indigenous People, would live together in peace and harmony.

Saul writes, “the indigenous-immigrant relationship was carefully developed over hundreds of years and largely in good faith.   What followed from the 1870s on was quite different.

Increasingly, non-aboriginals did not act in good faith.   And each of these betrayals we undertook in order to help them disappear.   For their own good.

Most of us believe that we are now free of these attitudes.  We condemn them.   But it isn’t as simple as that.   To free ourselves, two things must happen.   We must reinstall a national narrative built upon the centrality of the aboriginal peoples’ past, present and future.   And the policies of the country must reflect that centrality, both conceptually and financially.”  (p-40)

When one considers the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling June 26, 2014, that Indigenous Rights have not been extinguished in B.C.,  and the Kinder Morgan pipeline  blockade, where Grand chief  Stewart Philip said,  “we need to reclaim this country.”   May I suggest that ALL Canadians do what Canadians have been doing from our very beginning :  Every Nationality, sitting around a round table, working out a just, respectful, peaceful’ harmonious, accommodation.     But First, please read John Ralston Saul’s, “The Comeback.”

PEACE, Dan MacQuarrie

50 or More !

I’ll be listing specifics from my campaign platform in a table that tracks the progress being made on them shortly.

sa_50or more_webFor now though, there’s a merging of my hope to increasingly connect citizens with their local government (there are some good ideas to be tried) with the desire to increase actual voter turnout in the next local election. It was 38% ish this time.

Being connected  is all about feeling that there is a real two-way relationship between parties. That happens but still not enough as Salmon Arm grows and changes.

… and contrary to what some may feel, it’s not about effort imo. Our local politicos go out of their way to be accountable and to listen to people – be that in a lineup at the coffee shop, at the rink or by appointment.

Still, it’s time to find and try some other things and set a high-bar goal for engagement.

I’m thinking that 50 or More  – as in % of voter turnout for 2018 – is where my strategic efforts are going. All aboard!