Salmon Arm 2014 Local Election Results

Salmon Arm council results – click image for a larger view

2014 SA results


School District #83 school trustee results

2014 trustees



Thanks to Salmon Arm residents who have been so engaged in our local election.

Thanks also to the quality candidates who offered up their good names, ideas and countless hours for Salmon Arm’s future.

Finally, thanks for your vote of trust.

We Support Tim Lavery for 2014 Salmon Arm Council – Endorsements


Thanks     See my Campaign Website  for more information on my complete platform, ideas and more.

Listen Up – An In-Depth Interview with Tim Lavery – Salmon Arm Council

Here’s the podcast of my Q&A interview with CKVS, the wonderful community radio Voice of the Shuswap  93.7 FM.

Researching Your Vote #SalmonArm

gen elect day calendar icon copy copyThe Observer has candidates’ responses to weekly questions at

- plus my campaign website has my full platform, list of over 100 endorsements, ideas  and more.

Check it out and please pass on these links to those in research mode!

Tim Lavery Is Running for Salmon Arm Council – Updated – 3 Days until the Election

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I view our city like I view my own neighbourhood. 

We listen to, learn from and look out for each other.

* Please check out my campaign connections below for all sorts of election information including my complete platform and endorsements from over 100 citizens.

Follows, Likes and passing on these links to others is the best way to help me out.

Thanks     Tim

Campaign Website including Ideas, Endorsements and My Action Plan:


Twitter:                     @ElectTimLavery

Campaign Email:

*Yes I’m referring to myself in the title but I wanted to work my name in for Google-iness!

If Only …

From the twitterverse  this morning …

If only bananas had robust, natural, bio-degradable packaging of their own. Some sort of peelable skin, perhaps.

… perhaps they could even be packaged together as … say … “bunches” …

Shuswap candidates speak out on walking, cycling, and active travel infrastructure -Shuswap Trail Alliance

News Release

November 10, 2014

The Shuswap, British Columbia – People are calling for healthier community design that makes walking and cycling easier, safer, and more common. Official Community Plans, greenway strategies, and more recently, active transportation plans consistently place infrastructure supporting easier to walk and more connected communities at the top of the to-do list. And candidates throughout the electoral areas within the Shuswap have spoken out.

The Shuswap Trail Alliance recently invited candidates in each of the Shuswap electoral areas the opportunity to share their thoughts on the importance of active transportation (walking and cycling strategies), greenways, and trails.  Their comments are posted unedited at

Two questions were posed for this election period, both based on current community priorities to get people active, healthy, and using two feet to move throughout the Shuswap. They were:

1. Given the growing priority placed on healthy options for active transportation, what strategic actions need to be taken over the next 4 years to significantly improve walking and cycling connectivity in our communities and the region?

2. We are currently faced with an unprecedented economic opportunity to secure and manage the abandoned CP Rail line between Sicamous and Armstrong as a destination greenway corridor for walking and cycling – in what ways should our communities work together to support the regional effort to secure the corridor?

“We were struck by how consistent the support for improved walking and cycling connectivity is,” says Phil McIntyre-Paul, Executive Director for the Shuswap Trail Alliance. “We’ve clearly moved from a place of asking if this is a good idea, to one of asking how can we make it happen. People want to be able to walk.”

Phil notes that many candidates are doing their homework on the now proven benefits of improving how we design our communities. “There is a demonstrated direct link to the ability of people to walk and cycle within their communities and the overall economic health of those community,” notes Phil, pointing to recent studies showing people are choosing to live and start businesses in communities with active greenway trails, paths, and bicycle routes.

The range of candidate commentary includes detailed suggestions for establishing community active transportation master plans (linking walking, cycling, and public transit), to championing regional partnerships to acquire and manage the now abandoned CP rail line as a continuous greenway corridor.

To see candidate’s full responses and for more info on trails throughout the Shuswap visit

Regular Posting Has Been Hit and Miss …

… this past while as I’ve been mainly focused on running for Salmon Arm council in the November 15th local elections.

Bear with me as the pace of posts should return to its regular local and vocal ways in a short while.

Thanks for your patience and all of the kind words these past few weeks.

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My campaign website with social media links galore

Check out my Platform-a-Day posts, huge list of endorsements and much more.

Other Than Being an Involved Citizen …

… here’s the second best reason yet for voting.

Stare Until U Vote

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Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets – A Candy in Every Pot

Me: “Who should I vote for?”

3yo: “Candy because I like candy.”

…. and just like that, democracy is explained.

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Two recent posts by Jim Cooperman to check out

Check out Jim’s latest two posts at Shuswap Passion – both great reads – as usual.

The First Nation traditional salmon fishery was sustainable (Oct 23 2014) looks at First Nation practices and the impact of commercial and governmental interference

As thousands of people flock to the Adams River to witness another major sockeye run, it is important to reflect on how salmon were fundamental to the lives of the Secwepemc people, as well as the early fur traders who depended on dried salmon to survive the winters. The traditional fishing methods used by the First Nations were both efficient and sustainable, unlike the fisheries that supported the large industrial canneries over 100 years ago.

Shuswap Lake pollution report leaves questions (Nov 7, 2014) reviews nutrient load and source in the Shuswap. Water quality is of primary importance to all.

It is a massive report, through a modeling exercise, that provides detailed data about the sources of nutrients that enter Shuswap Lake and yet it leaves many questions unanswered. Produced by the environmental consulting firm, Tri-Star, the 2014 SLIPP Water Quality Report examines tributaries, authorized point-source discharges, natural sources and all seepage sites to determine where there are major concerns that can be minimized through improved nutrient source management.

* Image from Jim’s blog and used with standing permission.

Shuswap Trail News – Nov 5


Please be advised that September thru December trails on crown lands are within hunting areas


Join us THIS Saturday November 8th for our Annual Fall Trail Stewardship Review and our Volunteer Thank You

See below for more details


Stay tuned for an additional E-Bulletin to come out in the next few days with our Mayor, Councillor & Electoral Area Director Candidates in our area – answers to the 2 questions the Shuswap Trail Alliance sent out.


Chainsaw Safety Course held on Oct 18 / 19th completed another 12 successful participants getting their tickets. Huge THANK YOU goes out to all the sponsors – BC Rec Site & Trails, Larch Hills Nordic Society, Shuswap Trail Alliance and other partners and stewards. Special thank you to Jim Ellis for all his time getting the course organized.  A 3rd course will be held on November 22.


Here are the highlights:

  • Important Bulletins
  • Annual Fall Trail  Stewardship Review – Nov 8
  • Shuswap Cross race – Nov 9
  • Warren Miller’s Ticket to Ride – Nov 14
  • Shuswap Outdoor Club – Nov 15
  • The Banff Mountain Film Fest – November 22 and 23
  • South Canoe Trail Stakeholder Information Session – Nov 27
  • Shuswap Probis Club – Jan 15, 2015
  • Shuswap Bicycle Club’s – weekly and recurring rides
  • Book a TrailRider for accessibility on trails
  • Summer trail reports to

Here are the details:

Continue reading

Shuswap Theatre Society has opened its own endowment fund with Shuswap Community Foundation.

The Shuswap Theatre Society has opened its own endowment fund with Shuswap Community Foundation. All contributions welcome.
Sherry & Joyce Shuswap theatre
Pictured are Joyce Henderson, President, and Sherry Bowlby, Treasurer, of the society

Contact Information for All 2014 Salmon Arm Mayoralty & Council Candidates

vote button

A one-stop link if you want to contact any or all of the candidates for Salmon Arm’s Local Government Election on Nov. 15th 2014 is just below.

Check out my election campaign links for the updated list of my endorsements, my Action Plan and more:

School Trustee – All Candidates Forum – Salmon Arm Mon. Nov 3rd


Forum to be held for Salmon Arm School Trustee Candidates

The four candidates running for position of School Trustee in the Salmon Arm area will be heard at a forum on Monday, November 3, 2014. The event will be held at the District Education Centre (DEC) at 7:00 pm, and is sponsored by the Shuswap Middle School Parent Advisory Council.

Originally the Trustee candidates were to be a part of the all-candidate forum on Sunday held at the Prestige. The Salmon Arm Chamber of Commerce has since confirmed that the Trustee candidates will not be part of that specific forum.

All members of the public are invited to come. The format will include both questions from a moderator and questions from the floor, as time permits. Light refreshments will be provided.

For more information or to submit a question for the forum, contact: Jennifer Henrie ~  ~ 250-­‐832-­‐6999

Questions may be submitted by email only until midnight on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014.

Nov 8th set to Celebrate Shuswap Trail Stewards – Shuswap Trail Alliance

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News Release

October 27, 2014

The Shuswap, British Columbia – Shuswap Trail Alliance volunteer stewards, trail team, and regional partners are hard at it to complete a number of trail projects as the snow line creeps down the hillsides.

Friends of trails throughout the Shuswap are invited to gather for the annual Shuswap Trail Stewards fall workshop and celebration, Saturday, November 8th, at the Little Mountain Field House in Salmon Arm. Annual review and planning workshop 1:30 – 5:30 pm, potluck thank you celebration 5:30 – 7:30 pm. All welcome!

Here’s a quick taste of some of the good trail stewardship to celebrate:

  • the new Mica connector was just completed on the Larch Hills Traverse,
  • a new uphill climb trail was completed in the Rubberhead trail system,
  • a new equestrian section and the triangle trail reroutes were just completed along with substantial fixes to Prudential trail at South Canoe with further fixes to come,
  • upgrade projects at Park Hill and Little Mountain are underway in Salmon Arm,
  • the new Mt Baldy Lookout trail was completed offering a spectacular place to experience the Shuswap fall colours,
  • a major new addition to CSRD Parks and trails is underway at the Perry River in the East Shuswap thanks to the legacy gift of Peter Jennings,
  • the Larch Hills Nordic Society just hosted their annual Take-Back-the-Trails day last Saturday heralding another great nordic ski season to come, and snowshoeing!
  • trail signs were installed and repaired throughout the region
  • 1000′s of trail meters were brushed, cleaned, and cared for throughout the region
  • and of course, the recently upgraded Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park trails are helping people discover the profound cycle of nature through the peak Sockeye Salmon Run thanks to the incredible volunteer efforts of the Adams River Salmon Society and BC Parks.

And that’s just a taste. . .as volunteers at Saturday’s work party on the Enderby Cliff’s Tplaqin Trail will affirm. Tplaqin is the Secwepemc name given the trail by Splatsin leadership.

The Shuswap Trail Alliance is working with BC Parks to fix up a little section just below the first lookout bench, which is locally known as “Mom’s Bench” (not quite three kilometers up the trail). It’s a section with lots of clay in the soil which gets very slippery in the rain.

The Shuswap Trail Alliance trail team will be headed in again later this week to complete the spot repairs in time for winter. (Yes – the snow is coming. Get those snowshoes ready!)

Volunteer trail stewards are always needed. Add your name to the call out list by emailing or calling 250-832-0102. More info on trails throughout the Shuswap at


Photos: (taken by STA Project Manager, Kevin Clarkson) Volunteers Brad Case and Chris Stone, maneuver a special one wheeled carrier loaded with materials up the Enderby Cliff’s Tplaqin Trail to to fix up a little section just below the first lookout bench, which is locally known as “Mom’s Bench”. It’s a section with lots of clay in the soil which gets very slippery in the rain. Friends of trails from around the Shuswap are invited to the annual Trail Stewards workshop and celebration, Saturday November 8th, at the Little Mountain Field House in Salmon Arm. Annual review and planning workshop 1:30 – 5:30 pm, volunteer potluck thank you celebration 5:30 – 7:30 pm. All welcome! Check for details.

Shuswap Theatre Halloween Costume Contest

Photo: We have had a great opening night for The Odd Couple! Tickets are selling fast. Purchase yours online at or at our ticket seller Intwined Fibre Arts

Come to “The Odd Couple” at Shuswap Theatre in your costume on Hallowe’en, Friday, October 31st.

The best costume receives two tickets to a MainStage production.

Tickets can be purchased on line at at Intwined Fibre Arts, 141C Hudson Ave. or at the theatre box office one hour before show begins.

Salmon Arm Council Quarterly Expenses (to October 1 2014)

Council members’ expenses are now public on an online, quarterly, itemized basis rather than the printed, 5 month after-the-year-was-over, annual aggregated basis that had been in place on the city’s website. It’s an idea that I put forward to council quite a while ago.

The 3rd quarter reporting of individual local politicos expenses was recently posted.

Here are those year-to-date summaries. The details of the itemized expenses are here. Figures are YTD cumulative to October 1 2014.

2014 Year-to-Date itemized expenses (cumulative)

Qrt1 Qrt2 Qrt3 Qrt4
Mayor Cooper $1451.87 $3795.91  $6143.17
Clr Cannon $1450.46 $5838.64  $7220.04
Clr Eliason $2131.88 $7035.29  $8040.17
Clr Harrison $467.55 $958.91  $1582.31
Clr Jamieson $1242.35 $2192.59  $3435.99
Clr Kentel $1181.40 $2074.50  $3782.90
Clr Reimer $2364.52 $3905.48  $4528.88

You can review the 2013 full year  as well as 2014 the itemized quarterly expenses information to-date via links here.

Perhaps this information is not in great demand by many but it’s important, imo, to have timely, transparent and easy access to the expense claims of our politicos – at all levels of government.

Here’s one previous Aim High post link on this -–

I Think It Just Might Be …

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Renzo Soprano (@Renzo_Soprano)
Is it wrong to eat a muffin that looks just like your dog?

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