Tory MPs Deny Elizabeth May an Oportunity to Speak About ISIL Mission in the HoC

Some Conservative MPs stopped Green party Leader Elizabeth May from addressing the House of Commons on the ISIL motion Tuesday.  Here’s her press release:

(OTTAWA) – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich – Gulf Islands, expressed her opposition to today’s announcement by the Harper Conservatives to extend and expand the mission in Iraq:

“We’ve learned the dangers of shortsighted thinking from the ill-conceived military action in Libya, which made the terrorist threat across North Africa even worse. Once again, the Harper Conservatives have no clear direction, end-goal or exit strategy for the Iraq mission, which grew from a non-combat role to a combat mission on the ground, and now would include airstrikes in both Iraq and Syria.

“The Green Party has been clear from the beginning: We must not engage in military operations of uncertain scope and purpose that are not in Canada’s national interest and do so little to strengthen global peace and security.

“Instead, we must immediately sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty to reduce the flow of conventional arms that fuel these senseless tragic conflicts, crack down on the money flowing to ISIS and other terrorist groups, and collaborate with our allies to relieve the immense humanitarian suffering.

“Ultimately, as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has said, ‘Over the longer-term, the biggest threat to terrorists is not power of missiles, it is the politics of inclusion.’”

Unfortunately, Conservative Party MPs blocked Ms. May from speaking to these points in the House of Commons earlier today.


CSRD Fee Residential Yard & Metal Waste 2015











* From the CSRD’s Facebook page

North Okanagan-Shuswap Board of Education – Important Consultation

Just a reminder …. important meetings starting next week.
Important Consultation . . .

The North Okanagan-Shuswap Board of Education is consulting with the public on changes being considered for September 2015:

• the possible closure of Silver Creek Elementary
• converting North Shuswap and Falkland Elementaries to Kindergarten to Grade 8 schools (from K-7)
• converting Ranchero to a Kindergarten to Grade 5 (with 6-7s going to Shuswap Middle)
• converting Parkview to a Kindergarten to Grade 5 (with 6-7s moving to Eagle River)

These recommendations are being looked at to help the district navigate through decreased enrolment, extra space in many of our schools, and fiscal responsibility. If you would like to share your rationale of why trustees should, or should not, consider any or all of these recommendations please email to It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide input by April 21.

There will also be public meetings for each of the regions:

March 31 – North Shuswap Elementary at 6:00 p.m.
April 1 – Falkland Elementary at 6:30 p.m.
April 7 – Eagle River Secondary at 7 p.m. (for Parkview and Eagle River)
April 8 – Ranchero Elementary at 6:30 p.m.
April 9 – Silver Creek Elementary at 6:30 p.m.

If you have questions about these meetings please contact the Secretary-Treasurer’s office at 250 832 2157.

* from the school district’s Facebook page


Share & Care Project


#SalmonArm Spring Is Here!

Good Idea – Bad Idea (6)

Good idea: Use power tools to keep your car functioning properly.
Bad idea: Use power tools to keep your ear functioning properly.

*from the Washington Post’s The Style Invitational where they asked readers to cite a “good idea” and turn it into a “bad idea” with a small wording change.

“Watershed protection must move forward” by Jim Cooperman

Check out Jim Cooperman’s full post Watershed protection must move forward (March 19 2015) over at his Shuswap Passion blog.

We cannot afford to go backwards. The current debate within local governments about how to fund the ongoing work of the Shuswap Watershed Council is almost too painful to observe. So much good work has been done, particularly the latest report that looks at farming practices, it would be absurd to lose the Council now because our local politicians cannot agree on where the funding should come from. The new report outlines a work plan that will lead to improvements, but the Council needs continued commitment, collaboration, and secure funding.

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

A GPS locator for kids would be great, but today I’m leaning more towards a mute button option.

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Classics at the Classic- Finale!!

Okanagan College’s “(Contemporary) Classics at the Classics” not-for-profit film series ends next Monday night (the 30th) with a closing night double bill at the historic Salmar Classic. At 5:00pm we are screening the animated, family-friendly Wes Anderson film Fantastic Mr. Fox”, followed at 7:30pm with Terrence Malick’s magnum opus The Tree of Life”. Admission to both of these films is free with a donation of non-perishable food items for the Second Harvest Food Bank.

“One of the aims of the series this year has been to select a range of films that will appeal both to OC students and to the wider Salmon Arm film-going community, so it is fitting that the series end with a night when we show two films that everyone in town can come down and enjoy regardless of their age” says Okanagan College Film professor Dr. Tim Walters, who introduces each film in the series. “As we’ve been the beneficiary of generous support of the series from OC, the Salmar Community Association, and the good folks at Pinz Tattoos, we are able to offer free admission to both films with a donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank, and I feel very fortunate and appreciative that we can end the season by helping out a group that do great work in our community.”

Wes Anderson’s 2009 hit “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is an animated adaptation of the beloved Roald Dahl novel of the same name, and follows the attempts by Mr Fox to save his family and friends from angry farmers. Featuring an all star cast of voice actors (including George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray) and the usual quirky Wes Anderson style and humor, this is a fun, smart, fast-moving film that will be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

The final film of the series is Terrence Malick’s 2011 epic “The Tree of Life”, a hugely ambitious and visually overwhelming film painted on a massive canvas which rightly earned the most sought after prize in the movie world, the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Starting from the story of a couple (Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain) raising two small children in small town 1950’s Texas, Malick’s film explodes in scope to follow the growth of this family in parallel with that of the entire history of life in our universe through stunning visual images and a magnificent orchestral soundtrack. Unsurpassed in the grandeur and beauty of its composition, and in its philosophical aspirations, this is a film for lovers of pure cinema. “I was very keen to end the series on a very high note,” says Walters, “and it doesn’t get much higher than “The Tree of Life”, which for my money is a stone cold masterpiece, a jaw-dropping experience in the cinema (which doesn’t happen nearly often enough), and the only film made in the 21st Century that is seriously in the conversation about being the greatest film ever made. It’s really that good.”

Having a Say, a Role and a Share

Check out Louise’s full post In Good Hands over at The Blahgg Blog.

This last month on Council has been inspiring to say the least. After part one of a city facilities tour that included the water plant, RCMP station and Fire Department, it’s abundantly clear to me that Salmon Arm is in very good hands.

And by hands, I mean the volunteer Fire Fighters, the RCMP constables, the Auxiliary Members and the Citizens on Patrol but it doesn’t stop there. City council work isn’t just about council meetings (every second Monday, everyone welcome), it’s about committee work. The city has a number of committees that report to Council and Council members are also assigned to community committees. Mayor Cooper has assigned me to two city committees; the Heritage Commission and the Social Issues Committee as well as two community committees Aspiral Youth Partners and the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, all members of Council are members of the Planning and Development Committee (which meets the other two Mondays – again, you are most welcome to attend).

Most things we value as community members and as Canadians, in fact, are as a result of committee work.

The Shuswap community of Sexqéltqin by Jim Cooperman

Jim Cooperman’s latest post is The Shuswap community of Sexqéltqin (March 4 2015) – a series of posts on communities of the Shuswap and their gathering places.

Check it out!

“Lonely at the top” by Duncan Morris

President Obama is increasingly becoming isolated as a Republican Congress moves toward approving the Keystone Pipeline against the wishes of the Whitehouse. Last week Republican House Speaker John Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress on Iran without consulting President Obama thereby violating protocol.
* For copyright purposes (of both the contributor and Aim High), Aim High Salmon Arm ( does not grant any rights for re-publication or re-use of its blog content material except in the manner described here.

“Offensive and Inappropriate Language” – Outrageous Let Alone Coming from a Canadian MP

Image result for racism canadaOver the weekend at the Manning (Preston) Networking Conference 2015, a New Brunswick Conservative MP, in discussing the Temporary Foreign Workers Program, stated “that it makes no sense to pay “whities” to stay home while companies bring in “brown people” as temporary foreign workers.”

He later apologized via Twitter for using offensive and inappropriate language.

Now, I’m all for a robust discussion of Canadian  immigration and labour policies. However, referring to people’s skin colour as a basis for making political points is outrageous and racist. Plus, a subsequent Twitter apology by New Brunswick Southwest MP John Williamson barely seems to pass any test of a genuine apology.

Stay tuned – I’ll have much more to say about a closer-to-home example of this unacceptable sort of racism in the next few days.

… and it’s especially ironic in light of the upcoming UN-sponsored International Day for the elimination of racial discrimination – March 21 2015

“I call on all people, especially political, civic and religious leaders, to strongly condemn messages and ideas based on racism, racial superiority or hatred as well as those that incite racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Good Idea – Bad Idea (5)

Good idea: Continuing oversight of the Secret Service.
Bad idea: Continuing oversights of the Secret Service

*from the Washington Post’s The Style Invitational where they asked readers to cite a “good idea” and turn it into a “bad idea” with a small wording change.

Contemporary Classics at the Classic 2015 – Magnolia

Okanagan College’s “(Contemporary) Classics at the Classic” series continues at the Salmar Classic this week (Monday, March 9th at 7:30pm) with the brilliant Magnolia, directed by P.T Anderson in 2000.

Magnolia is a sprawling, operatic mosaic of American lives intertwined. In a single day, nine stories connect and disconnect through violence, love, Game Shows, Biblical Floods, coincidence, weather, sing-alongs, self-help seminars and quests for redemption.

Magnolia is an epic film: darkly comic, emotional and extravagant. An ensemble cast as good as any navigates this challenging, sometimes difficult film that earned Golden Bear Best Film honours at the 2000 Berlin Film and three Academy Award nominations. Magnolia is a modern-day classic, as hard to define as it is to forget.

Tickets are $5 at the door and admission is free for all Okanagan College students.

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets – Knock Knock …

With the ferocity that my 6 y/o daughter knocked on the bathroom door there was either a murderer in the house or a cat did something cute

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Important Presentation – Shuswap Lake Water Quality Feasibility Study



Reminder: Special Development & Planning Services Mtg to review Shuswap Watershed Water Quality Feasibility study.

Wed. March 4th 4-6 pm at Salmon Arm city hall.

  • Should the many jurisdictions involved with the Shuswap Watershed work together?
  • How should they work together (governance model)?
  • What should be the priorities looking at Water Quality Monitoring?
  • How should costs be allocated between jurisdictions and how should costs be recovered within jurisdictions?

All important questions with varying perspectives.

You can review the report here, attend the special mtg. and hear the report presented.

This is a presentation only. Later on, you’ll have a chance to provide input to Salmon Arm Council.  If you live in the CSRD, talk to your local director.

I want to hear from you without a doubt and hope to see you at this mtg. if you can make it.

Good Questions – March 2015

question markBump! … and hopefully readers will have some answers.

This is a spot for readers to submit questions that they have been wondering about and to have other readers provide some helpful information.

I’ve been asked about the history of the Deep Creek Hall (not the Hullcar-Deep Creek Hall).  Does anyone know its history?


Please Tell Me No!


Turned on CBC for the news last evening and  caught the end of Canadian Screen Awards

-Reading an acceptance speech from a smartphone is now in vogue?

Shuswap Trail News – March 2nd

STA logo with blaze (horizontal) 72dpiThank you from Shuswap Trails!

What a great celebration last month at the Shuswap Trail Party and Fundraiser. Over $35,000 raised for 2015 trail projects throughout the region. Remarkable. Thank you to all the businesses and volunteers who supported the event and made it such a success.

Stewards Meet Tomorrow and Shuswap Trails AGM Wednesday – be sure to check the details below and come on out.

Build-a-Metre-is-Back! To continue supporting the work of all our regional partners throughout the year, the STA board has brought back the Build-a-Metre-of-Trail fundraising campaign. Check out the details below.


Here are the highlights:

  • Build-a-Metre-of-Trail is Back!
  • Trail Stewards Meeting – Tuesday, Mar. 3rd
  • Shuswap Trail Alliance AGM & Progress Report – Mar 4th
  • Annual Trail Design/Build/Maintain Workshop – April 10th & 11th
  • Stick Flick Season is Back! – Volunteer Trail Blitz updates
  • Support our community partners: Salmon Arm Folk Music Society “Doin it Right” Benefit Concert with the Powder Blues Band – Mar 14th

And here are the details. . .

Continue reading