Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

Parenting is 50% saying No!
…  And 50% saying, “Fine! Go ahead! I don’t even care anymore!!!”
* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Being a Responsible Citizen …

… is the main reason to vote but here’s a second inducement …

Stare Until U Vote

Mel Arnold – Cindy Derkaz – Chris George – Jacqui Gingras : North Okanagan Shuswap Candidates Federal 2015 Election

Here’s the key contact information for the declared candidates for our riding. I’ll add any independent candidates if there are further declarations.

A big thank you to each of the candidates who have put their good names forward for consideration.  Your countless hours of hard work and commitment are recognized.

vote_redImportant: Check Elections Canada for voter information (when, where and how) as well as checking your voter registration information.

Plus: Aim High will be asking the readership to submit questions for the candidates. The general idea is that the candidates will be given a few days lead question marktime to submit their responses which will then be posted in the order that they are received. Questions will be geared for all of the candidates rather than individual candidates and all comments will be vigorously moderated for civil language. More information to come on this. Stay tuned!

Aim High’s similar initiative was quite successful during the 2013 provincial election. See Questions & Responses – Provincial Election Shuswap Candidates as an example.

Mel Arnold (Conservative)
Cindy Derkaz (Liberal)
Chris George (Green)
Jacqui Gingras (NDP)

Pottery Sale August 14 and 15th 2015

 The Salmon Arm Pottery Club will host a sale during Roots and Blues in the Mall at Piccadilly Aug. 14 and 15.

* Submitted by Marg Shand

“For a Better Future” by Dan MacQuarrie

It seems most Canadians spend so much time making a living, they have little time or energy for making a life. Nevertheless, Opportunity knocks; On the horizon, we see real achievable hope. In 2014 Pres. Obama reasoned, 50 years of punishing Cuba bore no fruit. So he suggested, “ give diplomacy a try,” and now we are witnessing positive results. Similarly with Iran; Six major powers; US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China have signed an agreement, July 14, 2015, which welcomes them back into the International community. An historic first, Peace rather than War.

We could do similarly right here in our own backyard. Hundreds of years of punishing Canada’s Indigenous people using European ideology of straight-line thinking, has resulted in a catastrophe of epic proportion: i.e. Having to admit that we, and/or our representatives, have been practicing Cultural genocide.

Justice Murray Sinclair, of the Truth and Reconciliation commission, has given us 94 proposal to address this injustice. The MacQuarrie Institute proposes an initiative which would see us build Canada a 2nd time. Starting back at the 1764 Treaty of Niagara, and Wampum belt agreement. This time we would use circle thinking to address the 94 proposals.

Every Canadian is encouraged to participate in this venture, Together, we can critique each other’s research and proposals ,share discoveries of societies and systems which are already living together in peace and harmony, and build on that which holds promise of fulfilling our Dreams For a Better Future, i.e. building a society where there is a level playing field for everybody.

ACTION: Send us your personal/community STORIES, which promote peace and understanding among all cultures. Stories which you are witness to, or part of, and We will gather them together to share on Social Media. We will tell the world!

Peace, Dan MacQuarrie

City Council Approves Initial Contract Geared Towards a Flood Plain Hazard Risk Assessment

This afternoon, city council awarded an initial contract to start the process to get evidence-based – and to modern standards – data on the Salmon River floodplain.

Our floodplain is a complex system with the Shuswap Lake, the river, underground hydrology, underlying geomorphology and climate change all contributing to that complexity. We need to be able to make good decisions based on up-to-date data and modelling. This starts that process.

The province downloaded the responsibilities for this to local governments a number of years ago. The previous council started setting aside $20,ooo per year to save up for a full study to get a handle on this and our current council is continuing on with that savings plan. We have more saving to do!

We’re also about to spend some of that reserve. What today’s decision provides is the first step in our ability to have a shelf-ready proposal, based on evidence, to apply for funding streams and opportunities that may appear. It’s not the finished proposal at this stage but the underlying parameters (including cost estimates), terms and scope required to determine a ready-to-go proposal. That’s a big deal imo. We’re  starting a Flood Hazard Risk Assessment process.

The overall goal is to get objective and current data that helps us make informed decisions as to how we can grow and plan for mitigation strategies that make sense. This is a great start.

“Life’s a beach during a Shuswap summer” by Jim Cooperman

Check out Jim’s latest Life’s a beach during a Shuswap summer (July 10 2015) over at Shuswap Passion.

The T-shirt motto, “Life’s a Beach” certainly applies to a Shuswap summer, when residents and tourists alike flock to the shores of Shuswap Lake to enjoy the sun, the water and the scenery.  But since not all beaches are created equal, there are some that are definitely better than others.

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

93% of a parent’s time at the pool is spent “watching this” and adjusting goggles.

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week


Making Sure Your Voter Registration is Current

… or to get yourself registered for the first time.

The Elections Canada link is Now’s the time!

Shuswap Trails Notice – July 10

STA logo with blaze (horizontal) 72dpiPosition Title: Trail Crew

Available: Immediately

· seasonal term positions (mid July – Oct (Nov), 2015, pending funding)-Job Reference: 03

The Shuswap Trail Alliance is looking to recruit highly motivated team members ready to assist in the day-to-day implementation of 2015 Shuswap Trail field projects. Positions include field experience on a variety of trail development and maintenance projects, opportunities for workplace related training, and the chance to help facilitate the growing legacy of the Shuswap Trail network. Candidates should clearly state their level of competency, expectations for employment and related skills/abilities in both a cover letter and resume. The Trail Crew are seasonal positions to commence around July 22, with the possibility of renewal/extension for the right candidates. Compensation to be negotiated and commensurate with experience.

The position includes:

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Got Kids?…Then Your Gov’t Cheque is in the Mail!

Check out the snip and link below. I’ve asked Mel Arnold, Cindy Derkaz and Jacqui Gingras for their thoughts. Part of the TwitterConvo is here. Other snippets are interpsersed in the general Twitterroll here.

Got Kids?…Then Your Gov’t Cheque is in the Mail!.

If I was a Smart Funny Accountant, at this point in the blog post I would just cut and run, but I’m a masochist at heart and I love delivering bad news to my loyal readership, so here goes…

First of all, the money you’ll be receiving is taxable. So while it’ll be nice to have some cash on-hand, just remember that, depending on your tax bracket, a good chunk of that change will be headed right back the other way come April 2016. (Moral of the story, don’t spend it all right away!)

Secondly, a federal tax credit was eliminated at the same time that the UCCB was increased. This credit was informally called the “child amount” and basically reduced your tax bill by around $338 per kid. It was also a non-refundable credit, meaning you had to be earning enough (AKA paying enough tax) to make use of it…but 95% of my clients who have children were making use of it. And now it’s gone. And I am sad…(Please visualize a single tear rolling down my cheek.)


Evidence of Politeness Gene ?

3-year-old: Can I shoot the baby with my dart gun?

Me: No!


Me: Do you understand why?

3: Because I didn’t say please?

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Propaganda Thinly Disguised as Public Service Information

Canada’s flag turned fifty this year, with very little fanfare. Nothing compared to the blitz of television ads about wars that Canada won before it was even a country, warships making tight turns, zooming jet fighters, and soldiers bristling with armament jumping out of airplanes. All this propaganda promotes present Conservative government policy, thinly disguised as public service information, and is even narrated by people that sound remarkably like Stephen Harper.

Things were different when Lester Pearson’s government brought us our new flag. (As well as the Canada Pension Plan, universal health care, student loans, and keeping us out of the Vietnam war) Pearson involved Canada greatly in international affairs, supported and promoted the United Nations, and won the Nobel Peace Prize for helping resolve the Suez crisis. Travelling Canadians sewed flags to their packs, knowing Canada had a positive global reputation, happy to be recognized as Canucks.

My grandchildren are of prime cannon-fodder age. If they were to take risks in the service of our country, I would much prefer they were wearing the blue helmet of the United Nations, keeping the peace somewhere, rather than adding another puff of wind to the hurricane of death and destruction that we are now helping the United States inflict on the world.

Reid Fowler

Salmon Arm Council 2015 Year to Date Expenses (to June 30 2015)

scrutinyCouncil members’ expenses are now public on an online, quarterly, itemized basis rather than the printed, 5 month after-the-year-was-over, annual aggregated basis that had been in place on the city’s website. It’s an idea that I put forward to council quite a while ago – well before being elected – that was adopted.

The majority of expenses are from attendance at regional (SILGA – in Kamloops at the end of April) and the upcoming provincial (UBCM in Vancouver in September) conferences. Council has also decided to sponsor councillors for one attendance per four year term to the national conference (FCM) and the mayor for two FCM conferences per term.

Additionally, there are opportunities for local government workshops. A few of us attended the very helpful Elected Officials seminar (Kelowna) in January. Those expenses are also included as well as insurance/health benefits and smaller workshops/meetings attended as part of our city duties.

The current year-to-date summaries for council for 2015 are here.

Previous YTD expenses for previous years are here.


Long Range Weather, Recent Royalty News and Altered Quotes

“Sonny, little chance of reign.”

Queen Elizabeth, to Prince Charles

*from the Washington Post’s The Style Invitational where they asked readers to alter a quote slightly and attribute it to someone else.

Water Wise Salmon Arm July 2015

sprinklerFrom our discussion at Planning today, folks are doing a pretty good job with our normal watering restrictions <praise on> but there is still some significant usage (watering) on Mondays when no one should be watering <praise off>.

Mondays are when the city system is recharged (my non-technical overview) – for the rest of the week.

Kudos to city staff for closely monitoring our overall water capacities. City council will be updated regularly in the next while.

From the city’s site:

Sprinkling Restrictions

Annual Regulations
Annual sprinkling regulations within the City of Salmon Arm are in effect from May 15 to September 15.

The sprinkling regulations allow sprinkling two days per week based on the last two numbers of the house (business) street address. Sprinkling is allowed on designated days between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. No sprinkling is allowed on Monday.

Customers with automatic underground irrigation systems will be allowed and encouraged to water lawns between 12:00 midnight and 7:00 a.m. on the appropriate days.

Designated Sprinkling Days by Address

  • 00 – 33 Tuesday and Friday only
  • 34 – 66 Wednesday and Saturday only
  • 67 – 99 Thursday and Sunday only

FlyOver and More – TCH Improvement Proposals West of Salmon Arm

MoTI Plans for West Side of Salmon Arm – More Detailed – Now Online – Flyover and More details

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has just posted up information from their Open House last week  (PowerPoint, more granular mapping and an animated flyover – see above). Check it out!

These are very helpful imo.  The flyover provides visual context – especially if you can ignore the coastal area in the periphery :) and the mapping is more detailed.

Image above is from MoTI’s  Salmon Arm West – 1st Ave. SW to 30th St. SW project section.

Special kudos for a drastically improved design proposal that includes an integrated Community Trail Network.

Again, check out all three project phases at the above link.

“Secretary’s Pool” by Duncan Morris

Last week photos of Dean Del Mastro, a former secretary to Stephen Harper dominated the news as he was led in chains from the Courthouse in Peterborough Ont. He was found guilty of exceeding spending limits, failing to report a personal contribution of $21,000 to his own campaign and knowingly submitting a falsified document. It now appears Canadians have subsidized the legal fees of Mr. Del Mastro, through a fundraiser organized by his riding association headlining Brian Mulroney that raised $39,000 toward his defense. I call this one “Secretary’s Pool”.

* For copyright purposes (of both the contributor and Aim High), Aim High Salmon Arm ( does not grant any rights for re-publication or re-use of its blog content material except in the manner described here.


Cardiff Miller Exhibit – Salmon Arm Arts Centre 2015

Click on the forward/back arrows on the image to get the full information.

The show opens Saturday and runs till the end of the summer Tuesday – Saturday 11 to 5. Admission by donation – a must see for SA residents and Shuswap visitors.

Music – Downtown Salmon Arm – July & August 2015

Downtown Salmon Arm has just released the music lineups for the Ross Street Stage (July and August). Check it out!

DSA Thursday Jazz DSA Friday LunchDSA Saturdays

* Images from DSA’s FB account