Cardiff Miller Exhibit – Salmon Arm Arts Centre 2015

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The show opens Saturday and runs till the end of the summer Tuesday – Saturday 11 to 5. Admission by donation – a must see for SA residents and Shuswap visitors.

Music – Downtown Salmon Arm – July & August 2015

Downtown Salmon Arm has just released the music lineups for the Ross Street Stage (July and August). Check it out!

DSA Thursday Jazz DSA Friday LunchDSA Saturdays

* Images from DSA’s FB account

Salmon Arm Roots& Blues Releases 2015 Day Schedules

‪#‎salmonarm‬ ‪#‎rootsandblues‬ releases our 2015 performer day schedules – take a look and plan your ‪#‎summer‬ ‪#‎roadtrip‬

soft-schedulelage copy


“Scotch Creek was once part of the gold rush” by Jim Cooperman

Check out Jim’s latest post at Shuswap Passion Scotch Creek was once part of the gold rush (June 30 2015).

If Scotch Creek, the North Shuswap’s largest community and commercial centre were ever to adopt a theme, a good choice would be the gold rush, which was how the community began. Its very name could refer to one of the early prospectors who arrived there at the same time that Seymour Arm was established in 1866. The first reference to the creek was in the March 1867 Colonist, “Mining on Scotch Creek and Tranquille River will be carried on with vigor this year and with every prospect of the most favorable results. The former has prospected well and ten claims are recorded.” This first gold rush was short-lived as by 1877, the Geological Survey reported how the creek “has yielded heavy gold, but no mining is now going on there.”

“Taking Care of Business”

Great ‪#‎SalmonArm‬ WOW concert last night – Greg Drummond accompanied by little guitar dude

Little Guitar Dud_Greg Drummond

Amazing Images from Yesterday’s Summer Storm

used with permission of  Brad Calkins @PhotoSquared

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Salmon Arm 2015

Politics – the Art of the Possible?

… almost as sweet as the scent of a needed gentle rain …


Neighbours in Solitude by Dan MacQuarrie

Robert Burns said,” O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.”  That is precisely what Pres. Obama offered to the human race in his eulogy for Clementa Pinckney.  ( Video Source: CNN) 2015/06/27/politics/obama-eulogy-clementa-pinckney/index.html    I would encourage everyone to read it from beginning to end.

What has been happening in the US since the beginning of the Slave Trade, has been happening in Canada since 1763.   The basic difference is that we have been doing it more subtly.   And yes I mean right here in SALMON ARM.

We Settlers are living on Traditional Shuswap Nation territory, with the people from 3 Reserves,  Nesconlith, Adams Lake,& Little Shuswap.   We are neighbors living as if we were two solitudes.   There are more than a dozen  so-called Christian churches who it seems, have a  strange understanding of, “love your neighbor as yourself.”   Could it be, that nobody told them that you have to practice what you preach?

Alcoholics Anonymous encourages those addicted to alcohol to admit that they are alcoholics.   That is the 1st step in the process of recovery.   Could it be that we Settlers are addicted to a lie, i.e.  “This country belongs to us .”

As we celebrate Canada Day July 1, 2015,   let us, come clean,  by admitting the WHOLE TRUTH, about how Canada came into being, : 20141011084710/

Rabbinical Wisdom: How do you know when the night has ended, and the day begins?   “ You know, when you can look into the face of your neighbor, and see there a brother or sister; until you can do that, whatever time of the day it is, it is still night.”

Peace, Dan MacQuarrie

Approval News from the June 22nd 2015 Council Session

Approved were:

  • an eventual  24 unit rental housing project (in two separate 12 unit blocks) just west of the RCMP station
  • a 12 unit residential development on the vacant lot just west of the Prestige with the remainder zoning being commercial below/residential above
  • the use of four properties for overflow parking (mainly staff) for the Churches’ Thrift Store
  • a legal residential secondary suite

Full details as well as the OCP and zoning proposals are in the Agenda package here.

Major Transportation Plans for West Side of Salmon Arm Now Public

The Wednesday afternoon Ministry of Transportation open house to review proposals for the west side of Salmon Arm was interesting. There were lots of maps and a team of Ministry staff to help explain the proposals and take feedback. As with most things, there are certainly some trade-offs but on balance, these latest plans will yield significant overall improvements imo.



Three separate phases of 4-laning include a new bridge crossing the Salmon River, traffic circles, pedestrian underpasses, significant improvements to frontage roads and an integrated path/trail system as part of the design. Pictured above is the 1st Ave SW to 30th St SW section that includes the new bridge.

Here’s a link to the other two sections from West of IR#3 to 1stAve SW and from 30thStSW to 10thSt SW

These maps are pretty general. I’m hoping that the more granular mapping information presented at the Open House as well as the animated flyover could be available online as well. Stay tuned!

Also,  you can send your comments or questions to the project manager, Dave Shibata, at


… a smile generator from theTwitter this morning

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Shuswap Trail News – June 24

STA logo with blaze (horizontal) 72dpiImportant Public Open House tonight regarding the proposed Highway twining plans west of Salmon Arm. 4 – 8 pmat the Prestige Harbourfront in Salmon Arm.

Shuswap Paddle Month Public Paddle  (also this evening) at the Salmon Arm Wharf for WOW!

And a volunteer trail day tomorrow, June 25th, 9 am to brush out the Eagle River Nature Trails (east of Sicamous). Meet at Cedars Campground. Bring gloves, bug spray, sunblock, water, lunch, hat. More info call Lori at 250-833-6131

Also – be sure to provide direction to the Shuswap River Boating Regulation survey online at:


More Highlights. . .

· Shuswap River Boating Regulations Survey

· Shuswap Paddle Month – All June

· Shuswap Outdoors Hikes – July 12 Balmoral to White Lake

· Bike for Your Life Century Ride Registration is Open

· Accessible Trails: Book the Trailrider

· TrailReport Hotline:

and here are the details. . .

Continue reading

Montana …

…   Not-a-man: Someone who neither hunts nor fishes.

*from the Washington Post’s The Style Invitational where they asked readers to submit come up with a new term using the letters of a place name and define it; you didn’t have to use all the letters but you couldn’t reuse them.

“Trouble in Paradise” by Duncan Morris

Taylor Swift took on the mega giant “Apple” and won. Earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the impending launch of the company’s music streaming service, Apple Music and was offering their service free of charge for the first 60 days. What Cook didn’t publicize, and what Swift pointedly acknowledged this past weekend, was that Apple wasn’t planning to pay artists for music streamed during the free trial. She threatened to withdraw her music and Apple buckled. This is a win for all small artists as well as chart toppers.

* For copyright purposes (of both the contributor and Aim High), Aim High Salmon Arm ( does not grant any rights for re-publication or re-use of its blog content material except in the manner described here.

“Lee Creek, gateway to the North Shuswap” by Jim Cooperman

Jim Cooperman’s latest post Lee Creek, gateway to the North Shuswap (June 12 2015) at is another interesting read.

The North Shuswap, like many other areas of the Shuswap, has seen major changes since settlement, as the economic base has shifted from agriculture to forestry to tourism and retirement. At its gateway is the small community of Lee Creek, which is known best for Roderick Haig-Brown Park and the Adams River salmon run. Since its one-room school closed in 1954, the population of Lee Creek languished until a few small subdivisions were built in the 1970s. Now that Lee Creek is officially a secondary settlement, it may continue to grow as a summer destination primarily with new recreational vehicle lots and homes.

Haying in the Shuswap

From my brief experience, it’s always been a comme ci comme ca proposition based on our variable Salmon Arm weather.

Here’s a shot from a few days ago after a pretty good ‘bringing in the sheaves’ weather window.

Haying Mt Ida_web

Thanks to Barry Wilson for this contribution. If you’ve got your own photos to share, use the Contact tab above to let me know.

Apostrophy …

… The “Grammar Nerd” award some adults think they deserve for knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

*from the Washington Post’s The Style Invitational where they asked readers to submit neologisms that include the letters S, H, A, R and P – in any order.

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

People who have cooler jobs than me according to my 3-year-old:

1) garbage man 2) mailman 3) guy who lives in the ATM and hands out money

* From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Disaster Relief of the Technical Kind – Thanks Be to the Cloud

I’m pretty diligent to regularly backup my key computer data especially after my automatic home server system I’ve relied on for backups for years itself packed it up a number of months ago.

So, as my main computer started to make some odd sounds a few days ago, I slated some time to get everything into a current backup. Lo and behold, right in the middle of it all, there was a  snap, crackle and pop with a whiff of “this isn’t good” as my main computer board had a meltdown. Kaput! Continue reading

OC Salmon Arm 2015 Awards Reception

OC #SalmonArm Awards yesterday evening celebrating student achievement and our community’s investment in education. Amazing financial support by donors and sincere appreciation by students.

Congratulations everyone!