Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets

You know that confused feeling you get when your child tries to explain Minecraft?

That’s how I feel about parenting.

From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

NORTH FORK WILD – VOLUNTEER DAY -Tuesday Nov 17th – Shuswap Trail Alliance

STA logo with blaze (horizontal) 72dpi

Meet at Shuswap Trail Alliance Project Office (back alley behind Skookum Cycle & Ski) at 8:30 am OR at the junction of Avoca WEST Rd and Forestry Rd at 9:15 am. Reminder that there are 2 Avoca Rd’s one East of the burnt Skyline/Perry River and one on the West side.

For those of you volunteers that have chainsaws AND your chainsaw TICKET here is a chance to come strut your stuff on the Historical Pack Trail. For those of us that do not have our chainsaw tickets there is a lot of other work to be done – stack lumber and winterize, materials packed into truck to bring back, 6 post holes to be dug, a rock fix on the River walk, and blazing. So a little of everything for everyone.

Please remember North Fork Wild is in the snow belt so lots of layered clothing, safety gear for chainsaw users, a lunch, water and a smile. There is no Skyline gas station anymore so if you are driving make sure your gas tank is happy.

If you can join us or have any questions please call Lori 250-833-6131

See you on the trails

Shuswap Trail Alliance

Lori Schneider Wood


“More places to explore in the Shuswap” by Jim Cooperman

Check out Jim’s latest post More places to explore in the Shuswap (Nov 13 2015) for a good read accompanied by some great  recent photos.

Over the last few weeks, I have been visiting various locations in order to capture more images needed for my book, Everything Shuswap, which is now in production. Trips to the Larch Hills twice, Mt. Ida, and Scotch Creek have reinforced my appreciation for the amazing diversity of ecosystems, the magnificent vistas and the excellent trail networks we have in the Shuswap. For those who live in or near Salmon Arm, the nearby Larch Hills provide a wealth of opportunities.

*  Image used with standing permission

Peace and Understanding by Dan MacQuarrie

A week ago we were remembering the horrors of war. Isn’t it time to try something else;  like,  honouring the sentiments inscribed on the  Marine Park  sign, down on the waterfront?   It was placed there by, the City of Salmon Arm, Rotary, and Drs. Without Borders.   It reads, “Dedicated to International Peace and Understanding.”  Okay, let’s do something about it !

Seems to me there is a new spirit blowing in the wind.   Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has selected a Cabinet which reflects ethnic diversity, gender balance, and belief in our youth.   He also believes there is no peace without justice; note the selection of Jody Wilson Raybould as our new Justice minister.

The indigenous people of Canada have been waiting 400+ years for justice to visit them.   We at the MacQuarrie Institute believe now is the time to step up to the plate; ask ourselves, “ what is the whole truth about how Canada came into being?” .                In 1764, the Treaty of Niagara, and accompanying wampum belts,  set forth a plan, which could have resulted in peace and understanding for both settlers, and  Indigenous people.  But , It was never honoured .

Well, let’s honour it,  let’s begin to practice, peace and understanding.   Let’s Become familiar with  the whole truth about our history:  Residential Schools, where children were taken from parents from ages 6 to 16,  the hundreds of treaties which were seldom honoured; And the disrespect, and racism, which still pervades or culture.

There are 3 Reserves in Salmon Arm, we could start by getting to know one another, walk the proverbial mile,exchange moccasins for shoes, listen to each others stories, be the good neighbour.   Just imagine what could happen if we were to invite a whole family for lunch or supper ?   Stranger things are possible !

Peace, Dan MacQuarrie

Note from TL:  See Building Bridges (Nov 2 2015)

We can take a 1st step November 16, by participating in the workshop at First United Church 8:30 to 4:30 PM

WA:TER AGM Monday November 30 7:00 PM Deo Lutheran Church – with special guest speaker

poster for 2015 AGM


The Wetland Alliance: The Ecological Response (WA:TER) is holding its Annual General Meeting on Monday, November 30 at 7:00 PM at the Deo Lutheran Church (1801-30th St NE), Salmon Arm.  There will be a special presentation by Norma Miller, Coordinator of BC Real Estate Association Floodplain Maps Action Plan: ‘It Will Flood: Why Salmon Arm Needs Floodplain Mapping‘. The presentation will discuss the need for updated floodplain mapping and flood hazard and risk assessment, and what is happening provincially and nationally with respect to flood studies. The public is welcome. Refreshments will be provided.

* Submitted by Bill Remphrey

Shuswap Trail News – Nov 3 2015

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STA Annual Fall Trail Stewardship ReviewNov 7, 10:00 am to 4 pm

  • 2015 Review of the season – 10:00 am
  • 2015 Trail Review – 11:00 am
  • Lunch 12:00 pm… provided
  • 2015 General Stewardship Review – 1:00 pm
  • 2016 Schedule – 2:00 pm
  • Volunteer THANK YOU – 3:00 pm – (Slides, T-shirts)

WHERE: Little Mountain Field House

Please join us for the day and if you can’t make the entire day – stop in at 3 pm to collect your earned T-shirt.

RSVP appreciated250-832-0102 or email


BC Interior Stewardship Workshop

  • November 4th & 5th in Grindrod and Enderby

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, are asking you to save the date for the 11th annual BC Interior Stewardship Workshop, being held November 4th – 5th 2015 in Grindrod and Enderby.

For a full registration package contact: Fraser Basin Council (250) 314-9660

Do you know a steward or stewardship organization who works tirelessly for the benefit of water or land resources? Nominate them for the Ecosystems Excellence Award!

See you on the trails

Shuswap Trail Alliance

Kids & Their Parents’ Tweets – Sartre 2015

Me: Why’d you hit your sister?

5-year-old: Why does anyone do anything?

I was going to punish her, but instead I had an existential crisis

From the Huffington Post’s Best Parenting Tweets of the Week

Flood plans in B.C. are out of date – Salmon Arm no exception

street river

Media notes that new report says flood plans in B.C. are out of date  

Salmon Arm’s‬ initial report was received on Nov 2nd at our D&PSC session (Item 6.1 )

More to certainly come on this – Council received the report this morning that sets out how to request a full Flood Plain Hazard and Risk Assessment report.

Major Price Sticker shock, serious implications and lots of discussion and input on the horizon  given currently outdated data, improved but costly modelling and technology available and the professionally recognized imperative to factor in climate change.

Check it out and stay tuned.

“A Whiter Shade of Pale” by Duncan Morris

Ever since the Tea Party’s peak, in 2010, and its fade, citizens on the American far right—Patriot militias, border vigilantes, white supremacists—have searched for a standard-bearer, and now they’d found him.
On June 28th, twelve days after Trump’s announcement, the Daily Stormer, America’s most popular neo-Nazi news site, endorsed him for President

For copyright purposes (of both the contributor and Aim High), Aim High Salmon Arm ( does not grant any rights for re-publication or re-use of its blog content material except in the manner described here.

CP Holiday Train 2015 – Salmon Arm



December 16 2015  Here’s the local schedule for our region. The full schedule is here.




Sicamous 5:45 pm arrival – Silver Sand Road intersection
Canoe * Ask a local when the train will slow down as it passes through – 2nd annual Canoe Holiday Train Event
Salmon Arm 7:30 pm arrival – Lordco parking lot
Notch Hill 9:15 pm arrival – Across from Notch Hill Hall
Chase    Dec. 17 2:50 pm – Across from Chase RCMP building

“Building Bridges through understanding the village” by Dan MacQuarrie

June 2, 2015 : Justice Murray Sinclair of the Truth and Reconciliation commission, tables 94 recommendations for the government of Canada; which when implemented, will encourage ALL Canadians to participate in building the Canada of our Dreams.

October 19, 2015:  Justin Trudeau is given a majority government.   In his acceptance speech he reiterated his campaign promise to implement all 94 recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The province of British Columbia has also accepted responsibility to follow suit .

November 17: The Ministries responsible for health and education have invited Kathi Camillari , who works with aboriginal mental health, to do an experiential workshop for social workers here in Salmon Arm.   The school district is also invited to participate.

They will be exploring in depth, the affects of Residential Schools regarding Canada’s policy of assimilation and colonization,

Having participated in one of Kathi’s experiential workshops, and been informed of her coming, I quickly phoned to see if she would come a day early, to conduct a workshop for the Shuswap Community.   She agreed.    The MacQuarrie Institute, in partnership with The Aboriginal Department of S D # 83, and First United Church;  are pleased to invite everyone to a workshop titled, “Building Bridges Through Understanding the Village.”

What an opportunity to be in the forefront of a spirit which is sweeping the country.   Even sweeping the world.    Americans and Cubans trying diplomacy instead of punishment.   Similarly with Iran and nuclear disarmament.   Now it is our turn to learn the truth about how Canada came into being, apologize for the injustices that were perpetrated upon the Indigenous people, and be reconciled to getting along with each other.

We can take a 1st step November 16, by participating in the workshop at First United Church 8:30 to 4:30 PM

MacQuarrie Institute

Peace, Dan MacQuarrie

Catch-up posts on the way!

JoJo_web_lowThe to-do bin is over-flowing and it’s time to refocus from #Election2015 fever back to local stories in local life.

Stay tuned for ‘Toons, treats, ocal government updates ( a # of them) and a slice of the locale.

Salmon Arm Polling Stations – Federal Election 2015 North Okanagan – Shuswap Riding

Election Day Monday October 19 2015

Complete FAQ’s re voting, (how where etc) , ID and more is all here at

Big time reminder that polls open at 7am and close at 7pm – not the usual closing time of 8pm.

Please share so others don’t get caught short.

Researching Your Vote North Okanagan – Shuswap 2015

vote_redUndecided about who to vote for? Asking for a friend?

Here’s a local compilation of some newer and a bit older resources for deciding who to vote for:  (Mel Arnold – Conservative Party , Cindy Derkaz – Liberal party, Chris George – Green Party and Jacqui Gingras – New Democratic Party)

Aim High’s very own Index to all 15 Q&A’s is here. It’s a one-stop research resource – sorted by your reader-submitted questions and the candidates’ responses.

hd-mediaitemid24051-5524Infotel’s Are local candidate views real or are they just party puppets? Our questionnaire tests their answers asks 7 questions and wants the politicos to answer personally and individually – no copy and pasting of party platforms. Is that even possible? Check it out! Information combined with a puppet chuckle was my experience. * Image snipped from their post.

The Salmon Arm Observer asked 4 questions ( 2 per week)  of the candidates these past two weeks. You have to scroll a bit to get both sets of responses here.

CKVS, Voice of the Shuswap FM 93.7,  has podcasts of interviews with the four candidates here.

Please use the Comments section if you have other valuable non-political party resources to suggest as well. Thanks

Concise Graphic Comparison of Polls: North Okanagan – Shuswap 2015 Federal Election

NS-O Poll summary

Click on image for larger viewing.

This link  to the above graphic  has active links to background pdfs, poll design data and the 2011 election results as well.

Plus, there’s data on many other 2015 Election Canadian ridings.

Press Release: Local Polling Shows NDP’s Jacqui Gingras as the candidate best positioned to defeat the Conservatives in the North Okanagan

Press Release

While national polls show Liberals ahead of the NDP, local polls in the North Okanagan Shuswap show the NDP’s Jacqui Gingras as the candidate best positioned to defeat the the Conservatives.

There have been 3 local polls done in the past week in the North Okanagan Shuswap federal riding: one (OraclePoll) by a local group of citizens from across the political spectrum; one (Environics)  by  a national  grassroots organization dedicated to building a fair economy , open democracy and safe climate, and one (Mainstreet Technologies)  by the local Liberal campaign team.  The two independent polls can be found at   The Liberal poll can be found at

There appears to be problems with the methodology used by the Mainstreet poll. For example, the poll over represents females by nearly a factor of two, persons 65 years old or more by more than a factor of two, and underrepresents those under 35 by a factor of 10. More in depth analysis can be found at  .   It is our conclusion that the poll results from the Mainstreet Poll should be discounted because of methodological problems generating results not reflective of the North Okanagan-Shuswap riding.

Given these methodological problems, we have excluded the Mainstreet poll from the chart below.


Brought to you by  the citizens in the North Okanagan Shuswap who commissioned the OraclePoll.

More information  at  . Contacts:

Warren Bell:  250-833-7615;  Email

Dave Crozier: 778-443-4000;  Email

*Submitted by Warren Bell

Like a Vacation for Your Mind

Rick Mercer does it again!

Tagged under ‘Humour’ but ….

RMR: Rick’s Rant – Two Weeks ’til the Election

Check it out. It’s your job, not theirs!

Federal Election 2015 Responses to Questions #14 & #15 by the North Okanagan – Shuswap Candidates …

question markSo the Your Questions – The North Okanagan – Shuswap Candidates’ Answers initiative is now a wrap with the responses to Q’s 14 and 15 posted now.  All 15 Q&A’s are online and in time for the Advance Polls and Election Day.

Major kudos to Mel Arnold, Cindy Derkaz, Chris George and Jacqui Gingras who agreed to participate as well to those of you who submitted your thoughtful questions – whether they made it out of the hopper or not. Choosing among the submitted questions was the hard part due to limited space and time. A big  “Thanks” to everyone’s  investment, including the quiet readers,  in extending our local political discourse.

The Index to all 15 Q&A’s is here. It’s a one-stop research resource – sorted by your questions and the candidates’ responses. Please pass on this link to friends and family in our riding.

… and here are the final Q&A’s …

Question #14

 I am concerned about several major negative effects to our economy, caused by the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.  What is your  party (and you) doing to support or not support this agreement?  Why?

Question #15

Your final pitch: What else would you like voters to know about you in order to cast their vote?

Here’s the very helpful  link to the complete Index of 15 Q&A’s . Please pass this on to friends and family throughout our riding.

Candidate Responses are  posted in the order received: Mel Arnold, Chris George, Cindy Derkaz, Jacqui Gingras :
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Federal Election 2015 Responses to Questions #12 & #13 by the North Okanagan – Shuswap Candidates …

Question #12

How would you and your government help our riding in creating the right climate for economic growth and job creation?  What do you propose to spur innovation in Canadian businesses?

Question #13

How will your government ensure that there are more affordable and accessible early learning and childcare spaces available?

question markCandidates are sent the questions a week in advance.   Q’s 14 & 15 (the last ones) will be posted tomorrow – in time for the Advance Polls and Election Day.

There’s no more room for reader-submitted questions due to the many already sent in. Questions were geared for all of the candidates and not just for one of them. Click here for the criteria.

Candidate Responses are  posted in the order received: Cindy Derkaz, Jacqui Gingras, Chris George, Mel Arnold :

Here’s the very helpful  link – for those doing their research – to the Index of previous Q&A’s . Please pass this on to friends and family throughout our riding.
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