Rising Water and Flash Floods in the Shuswap (2012)

Here is a wee collection of image and video links from the past few days. Thanks to CS for the two images, Shuswap Lake Watch for it’s wonderful website of data (and images) and YouTube posters. Click on the images for larger views. * by CS on June 20th 2012 * CS June 21st – Salmon Arm bay from Mt. Ida – including the SmartCentres development property * From the Shuswap Lake Watch site: Their flash flood photo collection is here. plus one of the many videos now posted online … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKdJ72a_kjQ

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

1 thought on “Rising Water and Flash Floods in the Shuswap (2012)”

  1. Several years ago the back page of our local newspaper featured an ad with a picture of a truck dumping fill near an undisclosed body of water. This photo so infuriated the top brass of Smart Centres that their legal team was immediately mobilized to force a full page retraction. The pictures on this blog clearly illustrate that if a photographer approached the Smart Centre property today, by canoe for instance, from the bloated estuary, with a 400 millimeter lens and an obliging dump truck was unloading on the existing pre-loading pile: you would be able to capture the offending photograph – down to the last detail. I find it ironic and somewhat amusing that a big business could bludgeon a small town newspaper with impunity – for a photograph whose art imitates real life.

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