May 14th Provincial Election: Eviction – Elevation – Evisceration?

vote buttonTime will tell as the election officially starts this morning with the issuing of the election writ.

Thanks to all of the Shuswap candidates who have put their good names and efforts forward to represent us. You all deserve a heap of credit.

Here’s the link to the responses the candidates have submitted to Aim High’s reader-submitted questions so far. Stay tuned as there are more to come!

The current question is on Climate Change – the candidates’ personal and party responses. The upcoming question (to be posted on Sunday) is on changing campaign donations by limiting who can donate how much. Stay tuned. This question was submitted to the candidates just before it became a recent hot topic.

More electoral information is available here.

An election usually lasts 51 days. It begins when the writ of election is issued. A writ is a formal order signed by the Chief Electoral Officer and the Lieutenant Governor calling for an election to be held. In a by-election, a writ is only issued for the ED holding an election. In a general election, a writ is issued for every ED in the province. The day the writs are issued is called Day 0.

The election period ends on Day 50 when the writs are returned to the Chief Electoral Officer. A lot happens between Day 0 and Day 50. In a general election, Elections BC hires more than 32,000 election and voter registration officials during this period. It rents dozens of offices and hundreds of voting places. It produces voters lists and oversees voting across the province, including at lighthouses, on naval ships and in corrections facilities.

Advance voting in a general election is held on Days 22 – 25; the Wednesday through Saturday the week before General Voting Day. Anyone can vote at advance voting, so it is really convenient for people who work or go to school.

General Voting Day, the day when most people vote, falls on Day 28. After voting ends on General Voting Day, most of the ballots are counted and preliminary results are released. The final results are usually released by Day 43, after all the absentee votes are counted and the preliminary results are confirmed.

Between Day 43 and Day 50 Elections BC closes down its temporary offices and helps conduct any judicial recounts that may be needed.

Author: Tim Lavery

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