Salmon Arm GHG Reductions for 2012 = Zero

CO2 GHG… and that’s ok apparently … with what appears to be more of the same to perhaps follow for 2013.

A few years ago Salmon Arm signed the British Columbia Climate Action Charter.

This past year, it seems that there has been no progress towards being a carbon neutral local government. The plans for next year appear pretty minimal as well with my sense being that the city is holding on to see what they will be minimally required to adhere to.

From the city’s agenda item – with red circling from moi.

SArm_GHG 2012

Click on the image above for a larger view!

Again from the city’s agenda item:

In 2008, the City voluntarily signed the B.C. Climate Action Charter, along with the majority of other local governments in the province (APPENDIX 1). The Charter is a non-legally binding agreement between the provincial government. the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) and signatory local governments that acknowledges that climate change is a reality and establishes a number of goals and steps to address the issue going forward. Of particular relevance to local governments at this point in time is Section 5 of the Charter. in which local governments agree to achieve the following goals:

1. Being carbon neutral in respect of their operations by 2012

2. Measuring and reporting on their community’s greenhouse gas emissions profile

3. Creating complete, compact, more energy efficient communities

The full documentation on this is on pages 182 – 202 in the April 22 2013 Agenda here with the Agenda item being 11-2 under staff reports. This is a final report that needs to be adopted and made public under the Climate Action requirements.

The city needs to state their progress but are apparently not required for 2012 to actually become carbon neutral either through their own reductions or by purchasing carbon offsets.

The recommendation to council is adopt the option to report that the city “intends to continue ‘making progress towards carbon neutrality …” and additionally, to not purchase any offsets as that is also not required.

Now, the whole issue of the provincial carbon offset mechanism (scheme) indeed requires a review. Additionally, the staff recommendation to council is to not purchase relatively cheaper offsets offered regionally by the CSRD given the CSRD’s own surplus because of their landfill changes and gas collection initiatives.

I’d sure like to see much more concrete GHG reduction plans for 2013 by the city.

Zero doesn’t equate to “making progress” no matter how one might want to parse it!

Author: Tim Lavery

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