Twelve Years On – BC Educators Aren’t the Problem

educ worldFrom the Vancouver Sun article A plan for better schools in B.C. (Iker:  April 25 2013) on how BC lags behind the rest of Canada because of chronic under-funding of public education by the BC Libs.

Check out the full article as well as the site Better Schools BC.

B.C. needs a government, regardless of which party wins, that will reinvest in education. That’s why B.C. teachers developed a platform called Better Schools for B.C. and shared it with all political parties. It is a positive vision for education that provides better supports for our kids. It builds on our public education system’s strengths and makes kids and classrooms the priority. We know it will require significant new funding, but we also know from public opinion research that the public overwhelmingly supports putting more  resources in schools to help children learn.


In a scientific poll, with a sample size of 800 and a 3.5 per cent margin of error, conducted April 3–14, 2012 by Viewpoints Research for the BCTF, 83 per cent of respondents said B.C. should bring per-student funding up to the national average. In addition, 82 per cent said more teachers should be hired to improve the student-educator ratio. And finally, 80 per cent agreed that if the B.C. government continues to let public education deteriorate, our long-term economic growth will be negatively impacted.

* Iker is the president-elect of the BCTF.

Author: Tim Lavery

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