Workers from the SmartCentres’ Site …

Overheard at RONA today… On occasion, workers from the SmartCentres’ site will cross the highway to RONA to pick up needed items. A worker commented to the cashier, “Is it ever wet over there!!” …true story… (For those of you who don’t know, our City approved a Walmart to be built on a flood plain.)

11 thoughts on “Workers from the SmartCentres’ Site …”

  1. What is the big deal about that….the whole downtown is on a flood plain. (true story) Go take a walk in Blackburn Park in the spring and you can discouver this for yourself.

  2. So Chad what you’re saying is that we should continue building on flood plains? There was car bodies and tires at the wharf for rip rap put there in the 50’s. Should we also stay with that program?

  3. Interesting how Smart Centres is now being called Walmart in the local press. I understand that construction should not take place during nesting season on the lake. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  4. Hopefully we are over this division in the area re Walmart. The same argument was in Vernon as it was stated it would ruin the return of the herons to there century old nests next to the Walmart site. Latest count has more herons there now than previously.. Also a note on the vote by the Weyburn staff at Walmart to de-certify the only union at Walmart in Canada. 85% in favour of ditching the union.

  5. “Among other findings, the arbitrator said that 80% of Wal-Mart employees are hired at rates above the minimum wage. The current wage scale runs from $9.21 an hour at the lowest level to $12.00 at higher levels and top rates of $16.20. The average wage at the store is around $11-an-hour.” -Financial Post

    Is it any wonder that they didn’t want to pay union dues out of these outrageous wages? $11.00 an hour won’t get your teenager out of your basement much less support a family.

  6. Whether or not there are more herons now than before, the division will linger as WalMart is still the poster boy for all the worst that the free market (what a joke) capiitalist consumption squirrel cage has on offer. Do you really think that this division will disappear like smoke just because the project went ahead?

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