Shuswap Provincial Election: Manipulation? Money! Mystery !

mysteryA fifth challenger has registered as a Shuswap candidate in the May 14th provincial election.

One Johanna Zalcik of the BC Advocational Party is apparently on our local slate.

Thanks to Ryan Clayton for spotting this.

So we have a candidate out of the blue (perhaps someone who knows her can chime in here) from an obscure political party that doesn’t even have a website. … and there appears to be much more!

The party seems to have an odd official political philosophy – even more so than some of our local tea-party wannabes.

A further interesting tidbit is that a number of this party’s  connections seem to be Vernon-based and involve another on-the-books-BC- registered political party (the B.C. Patriot party – also out of Vernon)  with a reported history of co-mingled finances .

The google world yielded some interesting snippets.

Over at the BC Iconoclast blog by Bernard von Schulmann, there are a few entries.

From a Minor Party Round-up (October 11, 2012) :

I have no idea why the Advocational International Democractic Party of BC or the BC Patriot Party exist, but they seem to have a lot of money.  I wish some journalist would track down Advocational International Democractic Party leader Michael Yawney and BC Patriot Party leader Lillian Stokes and ask them what their parties are about and why they have so much money.  Both parties have to run at least two candidates in this election or they are deregistered

Other relevant posts:

From BC Patriot Party and the Advocational International Democratic Party of British Columbia  (March 30 2012):

I looked at these to odd parties back in December, a friend, Keith, did some more digging about the two at the time and I had meant to write something more but life got in the way.  Today I will start on this again.

The background is that these two political parties have no website, no facebook page, no published material, do not respond to emails and generally do nothing to try and have any impact on the politics of BC.   The two parties had assets of $3,972,703.94 as of December 31st 2010.   The parties make their income from stocks and spend nothing on political organizing.   The Advocational International Democratic Party started through a number of large donations to it from the BC Patriot Party.

and from Implications of the BC Patriot Party and the Advocational Party of BC (July 13 2012):

I have looked at the finances of the BC Patriot Party and the Advocational Democratic Party several times(among other times, a timeline on December 7th 2011, and yesterday noting the $598,552.66 donation)  and simply seems wrong to me.  So why does it matter that a political party is being used for some other purpose other than trying to people elected to the legislature?

Political parties are mentioned in our BC constitution.   They are given special advantages in elections – they can spend more and they can organize better than individuals. Also do not forget that we subsidize them through tax deductions even though they are not charities. All of which means they are not private organizations but parts of the public governance of this province.  Political parties are part of our parliamentary system and therefore should more accountable to the public than they are.

The following story from the Prince George Citizen Alternative party fields candidate in Nechako Lakes (April 26 2013) provides some further background and perhaps an explanation of our mystery candidate. It’s worth a good read.

A mysterious political party that wants to use a lottery to select MLAs and has $2.8 million in assets has picked Nechako Lakes to make its first stand.

Beverly Bird is running for the Advocational International Democratic Party of B.C. in the northern B.C. riding west of Prince George, marking the first time in the seven-year history of the organization a candidate has stood for election.

Although it has virtually no Internet presence – no website or social media – the Advocational party has continued to raise money each year. According to its 2012 filings, the party earned almost $275,000, mostly through investments. It listed $2.8 million in assets and just over $1 million in liabilities, leaving the party with an accumulated surplus of $1.7 million.

The kicker here is that to retain an ongoing status, it seems that a political party in BC apparently has to run candidates in at least one of two successive elections. The number of candidates to meet that minimum criteria? Two!

The first seems to be the above-referenced Beverly Bird who appears to be at least partially-based in Vernon.

And now there appears to be our very own Johanna Zalcik.

The BC Elections website on candidates only shows two candidates from this party throughout BC.

Elections BC site also has the party information for the Advocational International Democratic Party of British Columbia here .

Finally, from a Press Release – Jan 15, 2013 :

 IntegrityBC has reviewed 11 years of financial reports for the B.C. Patriot party and seven years of reports for the B.C. Advocational party. Over the past years, millions of dollars in loans and contributions have been made by one party to the other in a series of what can only be described as unusual financial transactions for two political parties that are suppose to be competing for public support.

So, our very own mystery electoral chapter. Be sure to check out the links above … and stay tuned.

I’m hoping that someone with some true reporting chops runs with this. It would be great to get the full story! Hello Salmon Arm Observer.

Also, if you have further information on our new candidate Johanna Zalcik, please use the Contact Form to let me know – a little crowd-sourcing could be interesting.

Author: Tim Lavery

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4 thoughts on “Shuswap Provincial Election: Manipulation? Money! Mystery !”

  1. A friend found this:
    This is the*sole* entry in the Canadian newspaper index:

    July 26: Born to Bobby and Pamela Zalcik of Vernon, B.C., a girl, 9 lbs. 7 oz., named Amelia Gloria Adison. A sister for Madeline, 1 1/2. A granddaughter for Johanna and Nick Zalcik, Marie Sears, all of Vernon, B.C., Derrell and Sheron Sears of Estevan, Sask.

  2. These people are ghosts.

    They live in Vernon. Maybe. Here is what a Google on her name and then following up on the name Nick got me. This is a rabbit hole. There is just enough info on the internet (via Google) to convince me that they exist. Almost. The lack of any information about either of them on the Internet, while possible, does not seem likely. I notice that Johanna had a burst of activity on the internet in 2008, just before the last election. Nick seems to only be listed in the people directory’s like 411 etc.

    Here is what I have gleaned about our mystery fifth.

    Likes the mall in Kelowna.
    Likes the wavepool in Kelowna.
    Drives to get there. It is a getaway.
    Has a Logitech webcam.
    Does not like vegetables.
    Can eat them when blended.
    Lives in Vernon.
    Hopes that Nick will die in his sleep.
    Won a copy of Seal’s album, Soul, back in 2008.
    Nick lives in Vernon.

  3. Canada Revenue Agency would know if they were political deductions and if not isn’t there now a reward set up by the Harper Conservatives not that I’m saying that reward system deserves any attention other than the attention to get rid of it.

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