Shuswap Provincial Election: Manipulation? Money! Mystery ! Part Two

mysterySo our local Shuswap riding electoral mystery continues to grow. It involves major questions about the candidate Johanna Zalcik  as well as the under-pinnings of the original BC Patriot Party and its current spawn and heir the Advocational Party.

There’ll be much more to come on this in the next while.

Here’s the Observer article New face joins the race (Labere: May 01 2013). Read it closely.  The Advocational party needs to run two candidates in this election to retain their political party status. Ms. Zalcik seems to be no more than a proxy pawn in all of this in my opinion. The questions to her will likely increase greatly.

According to Elections BC, the AID party’s first financial report was in 2006, when it declared more than $1.8 million in assets. In 2007, the party received donations totalling close to $1.7 million from another relatively unheard-of party, the BC Patriot Party, whose founder Andrew Hokhold is from the Vernon area.

The AID party failed to file a financial report with Elections BC for 2011. For 2012, however, the party declared more than $5 million in assets and a total income of $378,736. By comparison, in 2012  the BC NDP declared $3.2 million in assets, and an income of more than $7 million, and the BC Liberals $5.2 million in assets and an income of more than $10 million.

In 2011, the Patriot party declared just under $50,000 in total assets, but more than $1 million in liabilities and $1.7 million in expenses. The Patriot Party has not named a candidate for the Shuswap, and last ran candidates in 2005 (Hokhold in the Shuswap and Tibor Tusnady in Vernon-Monashee).

Plus check out the Prince George Citizen story – Small party mum on plan, stash of cash (James: May 01 2013) – on the second Advocational candidate – one Bev Bird who is running in Nechako.  Ms. Bird is closely linked with the party organization and is on the ElectionsBC record as having  lent significant sums to the party. Again, there are more financial questions in the hopper for both the party and Ms. Bird.

With millions in assets, the Advocational International Democratic Party of B.C., has a lot of money at its disposal as it contests its first provincial election, but party officials are keeping quiet about their plans.

As mentioned in the my initial post (April 27 2013), blogger Bernard von Schulmann (BC Iconoclast) has done a lot of legwork on these two parties.  My query to him a few days ago led to his summary post of his research here in . His list of links is the baseline from which to begin. A must read.

As a further taste of it all, check out the Advocational party’s ElectionsBC filing for 2012 with its major money in play. We’re talking millions here! Some of the largest donations for any political party in BC.

Much more to come. Part One is here.

Author: Tim Lavery

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