“Asking Hard Questions” by Bob Beeson

With the upcoming elections maybe a little reminder is due. The erosion of Democracy seems to be spiraling out of control faster than global warming, with about as much effort to arrest it!

For instance, when demonstrating or protesting draws a $600 fine, it looks like a certain municipality is using these activities as a new “Tax Grab”.
Another example of ‘government of the people for the people’ is the rise in the poverty rate in Canada, nearly a million people made use of the food banks last year, that is without counting the people that couldn’t physically get to one due to illness or geography, and who knows how many that is! Contrasted with, as reported by the CBC the top 3.8% of households now control 67% of Canada’s wealth – the rich are truly getting richer!

Add to that Big Brother’s aid in shoveling money into the pockets of the poor oil barons  allowing them to gouge every last one of the government’s constituents. But worse is the government’s protection of the multi-billion dollar profiteering drug companies getting rich off of the sick and dying men, women and children of Canada.

I think we should all take a good look around at this wonderful, free and democratic society, and take these aspiring politicians to task by asking the hard questions and making sure they keep their promises, which have a way of slowly evaporating over a period of time once they are elected. Due I’m sure in no small part by that tempting pot-of-gold, (pension plan) at the end of their, not unusually short political life.

Author: Tim Lavery

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