Getting Back to City Stuff … Without Any Butts …

no smokeLast Monday’s council agenda (May 13th 2013 – the day before the provincial election) had the new proposed amendments to the parks bylaw to prohibit smoking in city parks.

The agenda information is here (pages 27-38).

The first and second readings were slated to be moved by Councillor Cannon and seconded by Councillor Harrison.

The proposed bylaw changes will list all of the city parks and recreation areas, define “smoking” (as well as of “what”) and basically establish the city’s authority to regulate public health matters on land under the city’s jurisdiction.

Prior to a final reading, the city is proposing a public input session at an evening council meeting.

Check out the city agenda. I haven’t heard how the actual agenda item was dealt with at council.

The impetus for all of this was Dan Macquarrie’s  ongoing initiative to “amend Salmon Arm’s Clean Air By Law 1813, to include Parks, playgrounds, beaches, trails etc. as places where smoking is prohibited”.

As I wrote in an earlier post:

In spite of a rabid few who want to ignore the over-riding health aspect of this initiative and beat the ‘invasion of personal rights’ drum, this is a great step forward.

Well done Dan … and city council as well!

You can ‘put out’ your thoughts here as well in the Comment section.

Author: Tim Lavery

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