Voting Going Viral – More Than Just a Clicked “Like”

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Your vote counted by a factor of almost two-to-one … if you actually voted in the provincial election.

The Huffington Post article The NDP’s Problem Is Bigger Than Adrian Dix (Travis: May 23 2013) is as interesting for its analysis of the overall voting / non-voting trend as it is for the implications for the NDP … and the “Anything But” adherents.

Check it out.

What should be of concern though is the emergence of an almost constant pool of voters in B.C. and an equivalent block of non-voters.

In 2009, 1.65 million voters cast a ballot. In the 2011 HST referendum, 1.61 million mailed-in their vote. And last week, 1.63 million made the trek to the polls, although that number will rise slightly when absentee ballots are tallied.

Looked at another way: close to half of the province’s eligible voters continue to turn their back on the ballot box. That’s not a good thing.

While the Shuswap had an above-average turnout, 58% is really no great success. Yes, it is all about engagement and meaningfulness, but there seems to be no prescriptive idea as to the actual  “how” of changing things let alone overcoming the political benefits from the inertia.

How do we get voter-engagement to become more viral?

Your diagnoses and medicines?

Author: Tim Lavery

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