Weighing the dangers by Lorne Reimer

emergLorne Reimer’s Molehills column from the wonderful Friday AM  (May 30 2013) hits the nail on the head and summarizes what almost every Salmon Arm resident is saying on the use of the Jackson campus school field as an emergency helicopter landing site for the hospital.

There are potentially fatal hazards on every street corner: every metre of pavement and rail line: every balcony over five feet: and every bathtub, play swing and electric socket in existence in this town.

And there are actual incidents of fatalities and critical injuries at each and everyone of these examples.

But where there has never been an accident . and likely never will be- is the small corner of Jackson field across the street from the hospital’s ER that is occasionally and traditionally used as a Medevac heliport.

The protocal for sweeping the area in advance of an emergency landing. and having emergency officials on the ground ready makes this site failsafe for all but the odd stone deaf seagull.

But what will certainly place lives at risk is Transport Canada’s recent order requiring helicopters to land at the airport where all its standards are met.

This means an unneeded transfer to an ambulance, plus 15 minute ride to the hospital when every second counts.

Common sense must prevail in this situation. This is a rime when the force of political will has to snip the red tape.

The city needs to take a position here and engage Transport Canada as well as Colin Mayes, our MP.

Feel free to land your comments right here …

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

1 thought on “Weighing the dangers by Lorne Reimer”

  1. I’m sure Colin would have an “empty language form letter” for this situation in his vast file of official party boilerplate like: “answer to criticisms over Bill C-60″ or ” defense of attempt to shut down CBC” or ” reason for silencing environmental scientists” etc., etc., etc.

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