Butts Out in Parks, Big Billboards and Boundary Adjustments …

no smoke… in the upcoming evening session (June 10 2013) of council.  See the city agenda here.

Of note on the 7 pm agenda:

– Askew’s application for a sign variance for their Uptown location;

– the Proposed Bylaw- No Smoking in City Parks public input session as well as third readings for amendments to both the Parks bylaw as well as the ticket/fines bylaw associated with the changes.

Interesting to note that under the updated fines schedule, smoking while walking your dog in a city park and not picking up your pooch’s poop could theoretically net you $150 in fines –  $100 for your butt and $50 for leaving your dog’s business behind as well.

See Bylaw 2760 here for the complete listings of fines associated with all of the city bylaws. Who knew that Skateboarding in downtown area could yield a $15 fine?

I’ll have separate posts on these two items above shortly.

Also on Monday evening: the  zoning and bylaw procedures to trigger the land swap involving the Little Mountain Park boundaries.

All in all, an interesting evening session if one is so inclined.

Author: Tim Lavery

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