Salmon Arm Politicos: Their Pay Stubs for 2012

Public bodies are required to report their Statement of Financial Information each year. Here’s the 2012 data for remuneration and expenses for our Salmon Arm politicos. The city’s full 2012 Annual report is here.

The city financial numbers below are from Salmon Arm’s Statement of Council Indemnities & Expenses located in the Statistical Section (page 99 of the full report).

SArm 2012 SOFI

* Click the image for a larger view

In addition, some Salmon Arm members sit on the CSRD board as well.

* The Total figures below combine both remuneration and expenses from sitting at the CSRD table as well as Salmon Arm council.

The CSRD Information is from the 2012 Statements of Financial information (SOFI) that is slated to be approved on their upcoming June 20th 2013 meeting.


Total: City

Total: CSRD

Nancy Cooper



Debbie Cannon



Chad Eliason



Marg Kentel



Both documents report on remuneration of employees and directors, expenses, grants, tax exemptions and more.

If you are feeling the need to be up-to-speed on our local governments’ financial snapshots, these reports are a good place to start.

I’ll have more  2012 CSRD-specific data in an upcoming post.

The Salmon Arm  2011 Pay Stubs are here.

The Salmon Arm  2010 Pay Stubs are here.

Author: Tim Lavery

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