No Smoking in Salmon Arm Parks

Dan’s bylaw:

No Smoke_Dan


The bylaw is about to be in place– (final reading is coming up) , the fine is $100, enforcement is problematic and creative signage has been ruled out.

Is this a sign of the signage? Council will discuss this on Monday.

Last weekend at the Canoe beach, the waft of cigarette smoke from a sizeable number of smoking beach users was notable.

… and that’s not even getting into the free-running dogs in the public space!

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

4 thoughts on “No Smoking in Salmon Arm Parks”

  1. I’m thinking that those negatively affected by the smoke will start reminding folks that certain areas are now non smoking. Like any changes, this may take a while (eg. other alcohol consumption and non-smoking laws), but in the long run I think Dan’s law will have positive effects.

  2. I am all in favour of forbidding smoking in enclosed areas but this is going too far! One way out: one section of a park or beach for smokers, the other section for non smokers. As for enforcement: who is going to do it? Drones?

  3. Implementing a bylaw and putting up a standard sign is doing the ordinary. Unless the initiative is supported with a proper public awareness of campaign, something that engages citizens to be a part of social progress, then it’s just a smoke screen. A missed opportunity. Seems to me we’re being asked to “butt out” in more ways than one.

  4. It is a disappointment that the City will not use creative signage. A simple graphic of a cigarette with a red line through it has been shown to trigger cravings in both smokers and ex-smokers. A sign that celebrates clean air would be more positive.

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