Customer or Citizen? by Warren Welter

20 June, 2013

City of Salmon Arm

Attention: Corey Paiement

500 Second Avenue NE

Salmon Arm, BC


For the thirteen years that I have lived in Salmon Arm, I have always thought of myself as a resident and property owner. Never have I considered myself to be a customer, nor do I expect the property owners that are in the lobby at this time paying their 2013 Property Tax or the occasional visitor who has a parking violation to pay consider themselves to be customers. On page 28 (enclosed) of the 2012 Annual Report the word “customer” appears twelve times. I encourage our City to adopt a more citizencentric approach when referring to the citizens, property taxpayers and visitors of Salmon Arm.

I‘ve enclosed a proposed correction to the lobby sign, which continues with the same message as one enters town via the Trans Canada.

I respectfully submit my recommendation,

Warren Welter

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