Close Encounters of the Humpback Kind

Amazing story and footage from off the coast of California recently.

Published on Jul 20, 2013

While Diving Souza Rock on the Central california Coast Divers have a close call with HumpBack Whales.

Camera men: Jay Hebrard Francis Antigua Jeremy Bonnett Shawn Stamback
Aboard the Dive boat “Magic” of SLODIVERS

The CBC version of the story Divers almost swallowed by whales – Whales were using lunge feeding technique (after the commercial) offers a little more commentary.

Vancouver whale researcher Chad Nordstrom said the whales were using a predatory technique called lunge feeding.

“They circle down below a bait ball — a group of small schooling fish,” he said.

“And they come up below the animals and use those huge throat pleats that they have to engulf a whole series of water and fish all at the same time.”

Nordstrom said he’s seen whales use this feeding technique off the B.C. coast, but usually from a distance.

“It’s the first time I have ever heard of or seen anyone that close while they were in the water.”

Author: Tim Lavery

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