Upcoming Posts in the Next Short While

your opinionTo borrow from the Salmon Arm Fair – a Diversity of Diggings.

… but sporadic ones … as we snag as much of the remaining Shuswap summer as possible!

So, screen time of all sorts takes a back seat … at least for the next while. Keep checking in though.

In the draft bin:

  • Changes to the ALR process and decision-making given the BC Liberals win a few weeks ago ?
  • 81 acres of farmland (active) removed from the ALR in Pitt Meadows BC (Smart Centres owns a major portion and is “quite pleased with the ALC’s decision”).
  • Long-Term Care: Our journey isn’t much different from yours – Hints for navigating some of the red tape: minimizing the costs (provincial charges and federal tax implications) as well as significant continuity-of-care deficiencies
  • transparency in politicos’ expenses – not such a difficult thing to do – and we should
  • What are our local politicos’ individual stances on funding a floodplain assessment?
  • the recent TCH transportation study – the implications of changes on the downtown and its businesses
  • and much more …

… Stay tuned

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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