Salmon Arm Starbucks Blocks Local Paper …

coffee roast canada… from distribution in their store … apparently because of some sort of franchise ‘exclusivity’ contract with the Globe & Mail to exclude other publications.

The local paper in question is the wonderful Friday AM. Lorne Reimer, Friday AM’s owner, has been informed that he can no longer drop off any editions at the Salmon Arm Starbucks due to their corporate contracts.

Now I fully support business owners setting their own business models. That is certainly their right. I also agree though with the idea that “there is something not quite right with a local coffee shop shutting out a local paper because a national paper and coffee chain doesn’t want to share space”.

Plus we have a host of other Salmon Arm coffee shops where you can peruse all sorts of local, regional, provincial and national print media for free. That’s a business model that other beaneries adopt and I support.

Perhaps your next Starbucks order will be …

… I’ll have a hot-off-the-press  non-fat Friday AM topped off with one of your other menu items please.

Ask Salmon Arm Starbucks where the Friday AM is before you order.

Author: Tim Lavery

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