BC Libs Education Funding Plan – Download the Costs!

The Times Colonist article B.C. school boards ordered to cover wage increases (Kines: Aug 28 2013) reports on the ongoing stance by the BC Libs  in forcing local school boards who are already financially strapped to cover labour costs that the provincial government negotiates but refuses to fund.

Check out the full article.

The B.C. government is once again telling cash-strapped school boards that they will have to pick up the tab for any wage increases for custodians, bus drivers, education assistants and tradespeople.

The directive comes amid a threat from unionized support staff that they could go on strike in the fall if they don’t get a deal that includes a pay raise.

School trustees rose up against a similar directive last December, and the government backed away in the lead-up to a provincial election.

Saanich board chairman Wayne Hunter and Greater Victoria board chairwoman Peg Orcherton confirmed Monday that districts have been told again to find money for any negotiated increases with support staff.

School districts can’t afford existing let alone new deals for staff. The province needs to inject new funding that actually fully covers the costs and starts to address the ongoing and increasing loss of capacity in the public education system.

School board politicos have been wringing their hands and loosing sleep over this situation for far too long. It’s time for more of them to take a public stance and permit other parties  to actually support them!

Author: Tim Lavery

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