Supporting SLIPP – Establishing a Shuswap Watershed Board

To: Shuswap Water Action Team Society (SWAT) Members and Supporters

From: SWAT Directors

SWAT believes the best way to protect our Shuswap Water Quality is to co-ordinate water protection through the 14 or so government agencies that have various authorities over the watershed. We believe this can best be done through a permanently funded Shuswap Watershed Board.

SLIPP was formed  as a precursor to a Board, and has accomplished a great deal on water quality and other issues.

However our local governments only funded SLIPP on a temporary basis, and its now time to establish a permanently funded Water Board to co-ordinate water issues. It could be similar to the Okanagan Basin Water Board, but designed specifically for our watershed interests, especially for monitoring and protecting water quality.

Your support and that of the public is important in getting a Water Board established and funded.

Below is an update on SLIPP’s latest activities. We encourage you to visit SLIPP’s website for more information.

Hello From SLIPP

There is lots of new information on the SLIPP website and initiatives underway – please forward this email to your friends, neighbours, colleagues and others.

Water quality results public summary – An 8 page public summary of the water quality monitoring program and 2011 and 2012 results is now available here.  The purpose of the summary is to explain in layperson terms what is measured, where and why, and what the results are to date.  Print copies of this summary will be available later in August.  A media release about the public summary can be accessed here, and the following is an excerpt:

“The SLIPP Steering Committee reached an agreement in principle to continue to work together on water quality and safety in 2014 and beyond. Going forward, it makes good sense to increase our focus on remediation efforts which will specifically address the most important sources of pollution while also using more efficient approaches with our water quality monitoring program”, said Steering Committee Chair and CSRD Area C Director Paul Demenok. “I think the people living in the Shuswap watershed want an effective local program that that will improve the quality of our drinking water reservoir. We need a program made and managed in the Shuswap, by people from the Shuswap, for the Shuswap.”

SLIPP website – please visit the SLIPP website for accurate, factual information about the mandate of SLIPP, what SLIPP has done, and has underway.

Stop the Spread – Aquatic Invasive Species presentation, Thursday Aug 22, 7PM – The Invasive Species Council of British Columbia is inviting boaters, anglers, outdoor recreationalists, naturalists and the concerned public to a public meeting and symposium about aquatic invasive species of concern in the Shuswap and surrounding areas. Come learn about the Clean, Drain, Dry Project, the activities of the Columbia-Shuswap Invasive Species Society and hear from Thompson Rivers University Fisheries Professor Jacqueline Sorensen.  It will be at the Prestige Harbourfront Resort in Salmon Arm on Thursday, August 22nd at 7pm.  To register, contact Philip Baskin by email , or by phone 250-804-3025

Please email me, or call Tracy Thomas or I at 250-314-9660, or email with any questions, comments or concerns you have about SLIPP.

If you don’t wish to receive these emails, please reply and let me know.  Have a great weekend.

Mike Simpson, MA, RPF

SLIPP Program Manager

c/o Fraser Basin Council

250-314-9660 Kamloops

250-299-1202 Cell

Your thoughts?

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