UBCM 2013 – How Did Our Salmon Arm Politicos Vote? …

… What workshops did they attend? … Who did they meet with?

The annual UBCM conference started today in Vancouver and runs from September 16 – 20 2013.

There are 155 resolutions on the table with an additional few late additions. See here for the resolutions to be considered as well as the guidelines for handling those resolutions.

A few weeks ago, I contacted the mayor and council to give them a heads-up about an upcoming post – asking some questions (as I did last year) about their participation at the 2013 UBCM conference

My impetus for asking for this basic information?  I’ve been long interested in a number of aspects about what sessions/workshops our local politicos attended, which provincial ministers they met with as well as how they voted on the mountain of resolutions before them … as our local government representatives. Individual votes are not recorded at the UBCM conference. It usually is a show of hands with little information as to the stances our local politicos are taking at the provincial gathering. I’d like to know how my representatives voted on these matters … and no one has really ever asked them that before as far as I can tell.

So here are the five questions submitted to the mayor and council for posting on Aim High after the conference is over.

  1. Did you attend the conference?
  2. Which workshops did you attend ?
  3. Who did you meet with (provincial ministries)?
  4. Which specific motions (# – title) did you vote on and how did you vote?    * The key ones for you!
  5. Your overall Take-Aways?

Three of the politicos from council responded last year with interesting perspectives that were read by many. I’ll post the 2013 responses as they come in.

… and for the record, I have no gripe about the conference or council members attending this important event. I would just like to know how our politicos voted and what they attended as our (the city’s) reps.

I’m looking forward to their take-aways and stances from the gathering. It’s also an opportunity for our local politicos to communicate through social media as a complement to their more traditional media approaches.

Of particular interest for me is a key resolution right at the top of the agenda:

A1 on Flood Management as co-sponsored by the CSRD.

A1 FLOOD MANAGEMENT Columbia Shuswap RD North Okanagan RD

WHEREAS the Province of British Columbia assumes incident command and provides on-site response for wildland interface fires;

AND WHEREAS within the province of British Columbia there are a large number of waterways subject to periodic, sudden and extensive flooding;

AND WHEREAS overland flooding has potentially profound adverse consequences in terms of life

safety, private and public property interests, economic prosperity and public infrastructure;

AND WHEREAS the Province of British Columbia is the steward of the water resources within the province;

AND WHEREAS local authorities lack the mandate, statutory jurisdiction, financial and technical resources, equipment and staff necessary to provide emergency site response, mitigation and flood remediation works:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Province of British Columbia take immediate and direct responsibility for flood management including but not limited to:

  • identification of flood related hazards;
  • remediation of stream channels so as to mitigate future flooding;
  • monitoring of stream flows and levels in waterways posing a risk to life, safety or property;
  • responding to sudden cessation of stream flows or reports of debris dams;
  • executing tactical evacuations when warranted; and
  • communicating with the Emergency Operations Centre.




The Resolutions Committee notes that the UBCM membership has consistently endorsed resolutions regarding the need for increased funding to deal with emergency preparedness, such as flood protection measures …

More to come …

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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