Good Practice? Bad Practice?

Check out this interesting article  Missing homework, late assignments matter little as Oregon schools grade exclusively on academic mastery (Hammond: The Oregonian: Sept 07 2013). The Comments section is a good read as well.

Starting this term, every public school student in Oregon is supposed to be graded solely by whether they have mastered the academic skills covered in class.

Turning everything in neat and on time, bringing back signed forms and racking up extra credit won’t boost grades. Turning assignments in late, skipping homework and talking during class won’t hurt, as long as the student can demonstrate the key skills and knowledge covered in the course.

Your thoughts on evaluating academic proficiency and where late-work, accountability and follow through should fit in – if at all?

No worries about commenting here though as AHSA has neither deadlines nor evaluation !

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

2 thoughts on “Good Practice? Bad Practice?”

  1. This is not evaluation, this is converting the system to one that ONLY values test taking, a major cause of stress, anxiety and lifelong potential for suicide. We in Kenya suffer under the same system where 70% of the grade is determined by a final examination……..and based on the SHOVEL method determines who gains admission to university. Memorization is not learning and using critical thinking is a true measure of achievement. So what happens to the majority who may be brilliant, but lack the memorization acumen. As in all systems, there will be victims

  2. Mastery Learning, on it’s own, has some benefits and problems. Some times, it leads to higher motivation; particularly for those students who have never before experienced high levels of success. A problem occurs when students take too long to complete mastery. I think that well-written objectives can include such items as neat communication skills, promptness, and things we value other than “shovelling back memorized information.” Hopefully, also, university entrance isn’t the be-all and end-all of education. I agree with Dr. Zigler that, with any system, there will be victims.
    If the Oregon thing only measures memorization regurgitation, then I agree with the above. Hopefully it doesn’t.

Your thoughts?

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