Natural Wonders of BC

adams2 web_0396The Province is conducting a poll to vote on the seven natural wonders of BC from a choice of sixteen reader-submitted possibilities.

Check it out!

* Some great images.

It will soon be time to update your British Columbia bucket list.

A couple of weeks ago we asked Province readers to send us suggestions for B.C.’s top natural wonders. Based on your input, we’ve narrowed it down to 16 contenders. Now we want to get it down to seven and we need your help.

Read about these natural icons below, then cast your votes. You have until midnight on Oct. 4 to vote. Soon after that, we’ll reveal the Seven Natural Wonders of B.C. as decided by Province readers.

You can peruse and vote here at

* Jim Cooperman via the SEAS listserver notes that “you can vote up until October 4th . The Adams River sockeye run is on the list (number one).”

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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