UBCM 2013 Conference – Updates from Our Local Salmon Arm Politicians

A few weeks ago, I contacted the mayor and council to give them a heads-up about a post – asking some questions about their participation at the 2013 UBCM conference in Vancouver. See Aim High’s  UBCM 2013 – How Did Our Salmon Arm Politicos Vote? …

The impetus for asking for this basic information?  I’ve long been interested in a number of aspects about what sessions/workshops our local politicos attended, which provincial ministers they met with as well as how they voted on the mountain of resolutions before them … as our local government representatives. Individual votes are not recorded at the UBCM conference. It usually is a show of hands with little information as to the stances our local politicos are taking at the provincial gathering.

As always, there are a number of interesting resolutions put forward.

The conference is over and the first responses are now in. Thanks!

So here are the five questions submitted to the mayor and council for posting on Aim High after the conference is over.

  1. Did you attend the conference?
  2. Which workshops did you attend ?
  3. Who did you meet with (provincial ministries)?
  4. Which specific motions (# – title) did you vote on and how did you vote?    * The key ones for you!
  5. Your overall Take-Aways?

Responses are posted in the order of when they are received. This post will stick at the top of the blog for a while. Clicking on the name links will get you to the individual submissions.

Note: All comments will be fully moderated for these submissions.  Aim High’s straight-forward commenting policy is here.

Councillor Harrison I am not attending the UBCM this year.  I generally attend every second year.
Councillor Reimer Follow this link for Denise’s submission.
Councillor Jamieson I did not attend the UBCM conference this year.  I usually make it an every-two-years affair.
Chad Eliason Follow this link for Chad’s submission.
Mayor Cooper Follow this link for Nancy’s submission.
Councillor Kentel I did not attend UBCM
Councillor Cannon  No response as of yet

* Aim High focuses on commentary and submissions by others rather than traditional reporting of events.

** This post will stick to the top of the front page for the next while.

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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