City Intends to Release “In Camera” Information

Not here in Salmon Arm – yet – but some interesting developments as announced via CivicInfoBC (Oct. 4 2013).

Nanaimo is planning to post “In Camera” minutes and related reports etc.  – including who voted how  – starting from 2010 and to release them shortly – and apparently thereafter on a quarterly basis – as a matter of routine.

Now, I’m sure that not everything will be released given claims on privileged information. The exact definition of what is still  sensitive and confidential will remain with council and staff.

Still, it’s an interesting step towards transparency.

It sure re-tweaks a number of  long-standing ponderings on what our local politicos consider In Camera. Legal, contractual negotiations, land acquisition and personnel issues aside, it would be interesting to see the extent of Salmon Arm’s In Camera topics – let alone the politicos’ positioning on some key items.

More to come on this.

Nanaimo Plans to Routinely Release Past In-Camera Resolutions

By City of Nanaimo

NANAIMO – A report outlining the process whereby “In Camera” resolutions are made available to the public will be presented to Council at its forthcoming public meeting on October 7.
The new process supports the policy approved by Council on May 13 – Routine Release of “In Camera” Resolutions and Related Reports and Information – which identifies the need to assist the public in gaining access to information by putting in place steps by which Council regularly considers the release of “In Camera” resolutions in addition to other “In Camera” information, commencing from the year 2010 forward.
Key steps overseeing the release of “In Camera” information will include:

  • Posting “In Camera” information approved by Council for release on the City’s website using methods similar to those currently followed for downloading meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Whenever possible, releasing all information in the form originally presented.

The City anticipates posting the 2010 “In Camera” material – including all voting results associated with released meeting minutes – to its website within the next month. As well, Staff will present additional reports to Council to obtain direction for the release of the 2011, 2012, 2013 “In Camera” information.
The tentative timetable to complete the release of all “In Camera” information from previous years, commencing with 2010, is the end of February, 2014. All “In Camera” information is made available to the public based on the following principles of the Routine Release of “In Camera” Resolutions and Related Reports and Information Council Policy:

  • Council adjudicates the release of “In Camera” information.
  • All items “In Camera” (minutes, reports and other information) need to be considered for release.
  • A person’s right of access to records under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act remains regardless of what Council chooses to release.

Author: Tim Lavery

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