Sharing Ideas Thoughtfully and Quietly

Don Cayo, business columnist, has posted an  article Civility in public discourse is worth pursuing (Vancouver Sun: Oct. 05 2013) that is one more call for civil discussion of ideas given the need for meaningful dialogue on important issues.

Check out the article for the civility quest as well as some interesting takes on growth, living wages and sharing of gains.

Nobody was asked to leave their beliefs at the door. But the idea was to have the 125 or so participants outline their views quietly and thoughtfully, not shout them, and then to listen to what others say.

This kind of thing goes on in private more than is sometimes apparent given the acrimonious debate that so often makes the news. But it is refreshing to see intelligence and civility spill into the public square, especially when the subject under discussion – the future of the B.C. economy – is so broad and potentially divisive.

Achievable? Perhaps but not without commitment from those who aspire to be our thought leaders and elected representatives.

Author: Tim Lavery

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