Tweaking the 2013 City Budget

taxThe proposal to amend the 2013 budget ( a routine  happening) was slated to go before council this evening. More specifics on the re-allocations are available in the Oct 15 2013 agenda here (pages 49-60).

The following two tables from that agenda have always been interesting for me over the years. Table 1 from the 2013  Schedule “B” – Bylaw#3997 portrays the city’s total revenue as a function of revenue source.

2013 Revenue Source_Total revenue

The second table reflects how taxation is distributed between the different property tax classes. The class multiples and the percentages to total tax and assessment values regularly crop up as discussion points.

2013 Property Tax_Class

More to follow on this item later on. Check out the full amended document for information on tax exemptions, line item adjustments etc.

Author: Tim Lavery

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