OMG – Unfortunately not Televised

Check out Louise’s post How I miss Parliament Hill (on days like today) over at The Blahgg Blog on Duffygate.

Years ago, I was a Parliamentary Page. Best Job Ever. Paid for university. Custom made suit (but ugly shoes). Front row seat to Canadian democracy and human frailty.

I love Andrew Coyne’s take on Duffy and Harper that they” …would appear to have spent the better part of the last year discreetly blackmailing each other.

Plus, here’s one link to Duffy’s speech today in the Senate.

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

1 thought on “OMG – Unfortunately not Televised”

  1. Thanks Tim. I probably should have specified that on the Hill they have closed circuit TV. As I said, normally like watching paint dry – but today, I bet, many hill staffers were standing and watching, mouths agape.

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