… and Speaking of Climate Change …

smokestackCynical political positioning or not … it certainly works for the Harper Conservatives … even the Wildrose Party apparently now officially believes in Climate Change – that “climate change is real and that the human race has a role to play in causing it.”

Various media reports note that drought, rising water levels, extreme weather and other environmental damage were all recognized by the Wildrose Party as being a part of climate change as well.

Now, call me a titch jaded but it’ll take more than a few greenwashing platitudes to see this as anything more than the political positioning that it is. I’m eagerly waiting for the policies that will follow from this resolution.

It’ll be as interesting to see how well the Wildrose can maintain the wallpapering on the anti-gay and racist zealot components of the party as it will be to see how these new-fangled versions play with Albertans who abandoned the Wildrose because of their social intolerance and views on science in the last provincial election.

There certainly are a few remaining – we have some most excellent local examples – who continue to ignore that “scientific studies have shown that recent warming can be largely attributed to human activity, primarily the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.”

Author: Tim Lavery

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