Councillor Reimer Publicizes Itemized Expenses for 2013

 Back in mid-June 2013, I published my annual post on the yearly remuneration and expenses for our local politicos – Salmon Arm Politicos: Their Pay Stubs for 2012 – as taken from the city’s annual report.

Individual expense totals varied from a high of $10,794.76 as claimed by Mayor Cooper to a low of $1,000 attributed to Councillor Marg Kentel. Shortly after the post, Councillor Reimer contacted me indicating that she was having her 2013 expenses collated and would send them to Aim High for posting as well. About two weeks ago, Councillor Reimer forwarded that itemized  info. and here it is below.


You can easily get a full screen view of the ‘document by clicking on this symbol fullscreen in the Scribd controls just above.

I applaud Councillor Reimer for her transparency – something that is done as a routine manner in other jurisdictions. During our last local election, I posted the names of all the contributors to my campaign before the election and promised to regularly publish details of my expenses …  so I like this individual initiative. It isn’t a big deal but it is an example of a good practice of transparency.

I also want to emphasize that this has nothing to do with any sense of impropriety. I simply like to to be able to see what is being expensed by our politicians whether they be federal, provincial or local.

I’ve sent a note to our other city politicos asking them if they might follow Councillor Reimer’s  lead on this and publicize their own expenses. It shouldn’t be too time-consuming a task at all as it seems that the expenses document is generated by the city’s accounting program.

Hopefully more to come … whether it’s here on Aim High, with other media or on the city’s website.

Stay tuned.

Update: Post title changed to reflect that Councillor Reimer’s itemized expenses were for 2013. I’m still interested in the 2012 breakdowns as well!

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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