Calls for a 2014 Floodplain Risk Assessment from Different Corners

2-mile-floodThis important issue has been kicked around the block by city council (and posts here on Aim High) for quite a while now. The recent disastrous flooding in southern Alberta was a further wakeup call for those who have chosen to either ignore the issue or prioritize it lower than it should be. See Aim High’s July 19 2013 post Initial Steps Towards a Sensible River Engineering Policy Still on Hold for further links.

In the correspondence slated for next week’s council meeting is an Oct 21 2013 letter from Community Futures Shuswap urging council to fund a Flood Hazard and Risk Assessment in the upcoming budget. The full letter is on page 20 here.

Recognizing that there are many pressing priorities to be considered when deliberating the City’s annual budget, the CF Board wanted to ensure that Council factors in the serve economic impact that could result should a flood hazard risk assessment not be undertaken and acted on in our community. Theeconomic impact brought about as a result of flooding in both Sicamous and southern Alberta has been painfully evident over the past two summers. With additional foresight and planning, these situations may have been avoided or minimized.

WA-TER has also submitted a letter and documentation (pages 21-23 here) requesting an opportunity to address council and re-emphasizing their long-standing belief that:

Please find attached information outlining the increasing urgency for communities such as ours to obtain up-to-date flood risk information. Because much of our community is located on the floodplain of the Salmon River Delta and in close proximity to Shuswap Lake, Salmon Arm is in a vulnerable position with respect to the high probability of increased flooding in the future. Therefore, we are once again requesting that funding be allocated towards a flood hazard and risk assessment study (in the 2014 budget).

I want to clearly understand

(1) Which councillors don’t want the study at all?

(2) Which councillors want a longer time frame for this?

(3) Which councillors are reticent to specifically commit dollars for 2014?

Your un-watered down thoughts?

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

Your thoughts?

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