Most Admired Nations

The brouhaha over Trudeau’s ‘China’ comment has launched a great round of Twitter-parody at #mostadmiredadministrations .

Luke Savage@LukewSavage7h

@acoyne Somalia, for its extremely low level of state intervention into individuals’ lives

Andrew Coyne@acoyne7h

Somalia has inspired important new developments in the international Law of the Seas

Andrew Coyne@acoyne7h

Egypt has truly effective recall legislation.


@acoyne Pakistan is blazing new trails in small government

Chet Wydrzynski@realchet7h

I admire Nigeria’s ability to focus on the expansion of internet-based business

Nigeria’s bankers & royal family members involved in daily, strong outreach to the Western business sector

Paige T. MacPherson@paigemacp7h

Iran is a leader in innovation, developing new seismological theories about the causes of earthquakes

Peter Boyd@PeterXBoyd7h

Russia’s laws on LGBT equality are matched only by its insistence on shirtlessness in its unelected officials.

Terry Glavin@TerryGlavin4h

Gottta admit, harvesting the organs of dissidents is a splendid way to enhance a public health care system.

Author: Tim Lavery

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