Accountability for Shuswap Water Quality – The Next Step ?

A copy of the correspondence Director Morgan sent out after the recent SLIPP CSRD vote. Morgan was threatening to pull his area out of the SLIPP process prior to the vote.

SLIPP Considerations

I would like to thank everyone for responding to my article in the October edition of the Kicker. I received many very constructive and valued comments, both for and against a continuation of SLIPP.

Nonetheless, the Electoral Area Directors voted today to approve a motion to allocate $240,000 of the ‘10% All CSRD Gas Tax funds’ to the interim SLIPP feasibility period, between April 1st, 2014 and December 31st, 2014.

I would suggest that now is the time to tone down the rhetoric. Now is also the time to work with the CSRD Directors, along with the communities at large, in a concerted effort to make the SLIPP program work effectively. Through this interim feasibility period I will make every effort to hold SLIPP to account.

For the record, let me be perfectly clear, I was never against the original goals of SLIPP.

I, like a lot of other people had been impressed and hopeful that the SLIPP organization would bring together the communities of the Shuswap, for the betterment of our environment and the Lake itself. However, I like a lot of other people had become increasingly disenchanted with the misadventures of SLIPP, such as the foreshore restoration program, the efforts wasted on a recreational management plan, and the threatened agenda creep, upcoming.

I am not against better management of the Lake. I agree totally that the protection of the Shuswap is uppermost. It has been the mismanagement of the process that has concerned me most.

I am all for whatever measures are necessary to protect our Lake and our environment. However, I have been against the unrelenting effort to spend more time and money, to continue the SLIPP Program.

What seems to be missing in all the controversy, is the recognition of the work, and the management that is underway, on a daily basis through our local governments, the Province and Canada. We didn’t just suddenly wake up to this. Land use management through official community plans, zoning, development permit areas, environmental evaluations, and so on, is an integral part of the management of our irreplaceable Shuswap.

In any event, if SLIPP can be made to work effectively as a coordinating body, in conjunction with the CSRD, other local governments, the Province, the Federal Government, and various agencies, all the better.

My concern has been that SLIPP has not been working as it was originally intended.”

Thanks again!


Author: Tim Lavery

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1 thought on “Accountability for Shuswap Water Quality – The Next Step ?”

  1. I lived 15 years in the North Shuswap and already then it was the same: abusing the lake for the sake of ‘progress’ (read money) and those with ‘muscle’ seeing to it that it stays this way. How many more ‘boil water’ advisories? How many more illegal and outdated septic tanks right at lake’s edge?

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