317 and Counting …

Louise Wallace’s New Years resolution for 2013 was “to commit a debt defying act. One a day for all of 2013 with the ultimate goal of retiring the debt and getting on with life.” .

Louise has chronicled that daily endeavour  over at her blog 365 Debt Defying Acts    – commit yours today .

A full post example from today:  Act 317

Take turns driving

My neighbourhood is about 8 kms from the town centre. Sometimes I drive the neighbours kids to school, sometimes they pick my kids up. If there’s an evening meeting more than one of us has to attend, we go together. It makes a difference. And let’s face it, sometimes the journey (even if it’s only 8 kms) is more fun than the destination.  If my neighbour goes to town on the weekend to pick up some groceries, she’ll text to see if I need anything and vice versa. It takes a neighbourhood to raise, well, neighbours! And I’m grateful my daily life has so many opportunities to intertwine with people who surround me.

Check out her full year of perspective as Louise heads for the 2013 finish.

… and for Season Two 2014?

Author: Tim Lavery

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