Updated: Colin Mayes to Run for Mayor of Salmon Arm in 2014 ?

Photo of Colin Mayes* Updated: See below for Colin Mayes’ reply …

This rumour surfaced more than a few weeks ago and now seems to be spreading.

While I’m pretty careful about commenting on the grapevine rumour mill as it’s so self-feeding … and inaccurrate, this one seems to come from a number of local constituencies.

My first thoughts were What and  Why? … and are still my predominant reactions.

Then I remembered the Observer article MP Colin Mayes turns 65 (Wickett: May 22, 2013) in referencing running again in the next federal election in 2015. Could this indeed be one of the things being considered?

“I haven’t made my decision whether I’m going to run for re-election in two-and-a-half years; it’s one of the things I’m considering.”

and a little later on …

“My  kids would like to see me home, and my wife says, ‘I think you’re too young to retire.’ I appreciate that,” says Mayes.

So, in the interests of clarity, I’ve emailed Colin asking him if the Mayor Mayes rumour does indeed have any legs.

Is he considering a switch back to our local political pond and when might we know?

I’ll keep you posted and if/when you come across Colin, perhaps you can ask him as well.

… and then report back here for us all.

Update: Thanks to Colin for the following speedy reply:

My future political life is yet undecided.  Yes, a number of people have asked me if I would run for Mayor in 2014.

  To do so, I would need to retire from my MP position 12 months before my term is complete.

I have also had many more people ask me to run for one more term as a Member of Parliament.  My children and wife support me on either decision although my children prefer the latter and my wife the former.

The third option is for me to ride out into the blue yonder and retire from politics and look for another  job. Some of my critics would prefer this option.

I will be making a decision at the end of the 2014 spring session.

Colin Mayes, MP


Author: Tim Lavery

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2 thoughts on “Updated: Colin Mayes to Run for Mayor of Salmon Arm in 2014 ?”

  1. Doesn’t surprise me at all. With the Senate scandal it appears to a lot of us that Harper has shot the party in the foot with his non-committal and arrogant attitude. In my opinion Mayes can see the writing on the wall and is abandoning a sinking ship.

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