New Xmas Technology Got You Stumped?

techbitz… or perhaps you need to be more of a master ninja.

The Lifehacker post Set Up and Get to Know Your New iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac is chock full of tips and apps for your perusal. A good post – check it out!

I’m both OS and device agnostic when it comes to technology. I just want my tech to work for me in a way that is effective and makes sense.

I’ll have an update on the list of apps and techbits that work incredibly well for me and my workflow in the new year.

For now though, here’s one for those of you virtually keyboarding away on an Android device – peck peck peck.  Get the app SwiftKey from the Google Play App store.

It’s initially similar to other keyboard programs but after a wee bit of usage, it is amazingly intuitive and predictive … plus it has a host of other useful features. I especially like not having to change to alternate keyboards for most of my numerical and other entries.

There are two versions-  free and $4.00. I went for the cadillac version and am loving it big time. The free version reportedly works well too.

So just do it and you can thank me later!

Perhaps there are iOS competitiors as well.  What are your apps, devices and software that you can’t live without?

Author: Tim Lavery

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2 thoughts on “New Xmas Technology Got You Stumped?”

  1. For entering items in text, calendar, and memo I like using the voice-recognition part of my Android phone. (Beats chubby fingers on little virtual keys.)

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