Money and Debt 2013 – A Full Year Deal

The days of 2013 are numbered and that’s both good and bad.

Louise Wallace is nearing her year-end commitment to blog about personal debt and managing the ins and outs of budgeting differently. Her 2013 public initiative caught the attention of the national and local media as well as many others as Louise balanced fiscal retooling with family & friends cohesion.

If you haven’t checked this out previously, be sure to do so. If you have already, head on over for the year-end. No pressure Louise but I’m expecting a whoopdedoo.

From Louise’s latest (as I write this) –  Act 363  Make a snow fort!

– Snowfort – Playfort …. They’re one and the same I think. Check it out! Perhaps there are some tidbits planned for 2014 too.

… So we stepped outside, grabbed a shovel and started building a snow fort. complete with stairs, furniture, lawn ornaments and a G-T snow track.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have with so little. Just some snow in a yard and a bit of enthusiasm. That’s a solution for many things when money is tight. I’m grateful I’ve benefitted from those lessons this past year. Really grateful. And a whole bunch happier too.

Author: Tim Lavery

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2 thoughts on “Money and Debt 2013 – A Full Year Deal”

  1. Great idea – as long as you don’t create a cave. Children can easily be smothered. I remember, with fear, the foolishness we had in making tunnels beside outdoor rinks as a child – Fortunately, they didn’t collapse, but that memory still haunts me these many years later.

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