Mayor Nancy Cooper and I Have a Thing Going On Apparently…

… as it seems that she won’t communicate with me anymore . I think I know why and I’ll share those thoughts with you over the next while.

Getting or giving the brush off though isn’t my idea or way of doing business.

This post will be added to day by day – a diary sort of thing – where I’ll discuss the Mayor of Salmon Arm’s apparent selective approach as to what  qualifies as “a matter of public concern” depending – it seems – on who is asking.

This stands in marked contrast to a number of the city councillors who work hard to contribute thoughtful responses to periodic questions here on Aim High.

Not the Mayor though … for a variety of faulty excuses imo.

So stay tuned. In a short while, there’ll even be a section for you to ask the Mayor your own polite questions that are difficult to ask her in other forms of media. We’ll batch them up and see if she’ll respond to you.

Better yet, send them in to me now via the Contact tab and I’ll start the list.

More to come on the brush off shortly!

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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