8 thoughts on “Wow – Shaw Internet Sure Is Slow …”

  1. We’re using Shaw internet in Salmon Arm. Round-trip latency for a single packet of data is about 2 seconds, consistently! Normal latency is supposed to be a few tens of milliseconds to be acceptable today. Shaw cable internet is currently performing at the approximate equivalent of a somewhere between a 14,400 bits-per-second or a 28,800 bps dial-up modem from around 1994.

    1. Thanks Braden – I can’t count that fast but prior to this, things were more than acceptable for me. These past few days, it does indeed feel like 1994 speeds. I’ll try to check the d/l speeds when I get a chance. Anyone else experiencing a recent big-time drop?

  2. Super slow, super awful Wifi from their router too.

    Fix; switch to Telus fibre optic. Once enough people leave it will get slightly faster on Shaw for those that are stuck with them.

  3. Shaw’s internet is awful. One would think they would be paying more attention due to all the fiber optic upgrades Telus is doing in town right now

  4. Good evening S. – My Shaw speed was more than acceptable (although degrading over the past weeks when I stop to think about it) until 2 weeks or so ago.Then it crawled.and we were unable to d/l even mid-size files let alone streaming Netflix etc, w/o things timing out. This was a big change and led to this posting. I’ve since heard from neighbours and others that they were experiencing the same thing. Shaw locally indicated that they were aware of the issue and were expecting to install some new equipment by mid-Feb.to address what they called capacity issues.

    Speeds seem to have picked up these past few days although it’s not back to our “regular” from a few weeks ago imo. As you point out, it is more than ironic asTelus came by to schedule an upgrade of our ancient phone line and were more than interested in providing bandwidth. I’ll certainly be comparing and researching real speeds after the Telus line upgrade does take place. Our original commitment was to Sunwave as a local company and we got decent service from them..Now, it’s a choice between two large corps and speed guarantees and pricing will certainly be in play for us..

  5. I too am with Shaw in Salmon Arm, with a Broadband50 package. Loved it prior to 2014, have had nothing but problems since then and seems to be getting worse. Probably has something to do with all the infrastructure Telus is putting in locally (after all, Shaw buys bandwidth from Telus) but my patience with Shaw is running thin. Likely will be switching to Telus fiber

  6. Shaw does not seem to be interested in any form of customer service or loyalty towards long time users. Shake yourself awake and get off your butt and do something about your sinking reputation, Shaw as my patience is running out and Telus is rapidly gaining ground. If only we could get back to the good old Sunwave days…

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