Careful with Copyright

Just a quick note – A number of readers send in photos, articles, editorial cartoons etc. that they find interesting and that they think Aim High’s readers would like.

Sharing is a great idea but ownership rights (copyright) are paramount here and yes, other sites do post full copies of things outright.

You need to be the owner of any photos or illustrations before Aim High will post them up. Some works are permitted to be shared by Creative Commons licenses but many don’t have that designation or it’s time-consuming to determine.

Re-posting full articles from other sites, commercial or not, is similar.  Writing up a post (it can be short) referencing another work and using a small quote block from it with full attribution is more than acceptable. The key is that the bulk of your contribution is yours or that the original work permits redistribution.

There are a ton of grey areas here but the overall intent is for contributors to actually write up and post what is mainly yours and to fully attribute what isn’t.

So, I appreciate  the intent of many suggestions sent in but potential posts need to be created  by you, mainly original and with full attribution and permission of material referenced elsewhere.

Thanks   Tim

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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