Mayor Nancy Cooper and I Have a Thing Going On Apparently … part four

I’ve been regularly asked in person, via email and in the comments section here for explanations and examples. Thanks for all of your interest. There certainly seem to be questions about Mayor Cooper’s leadership functioning from many quarters other than just my recent experiences.

The previous post Mayor Nancy Cooper and I Have a Thing Going On Apparently … part three provides some “on one hand and on the other” explanations. Here is the start of some examples.

Given the railway oil/hazardous goods transportation disasters back east and in the US in the past 6 months, Transport Canada’s recent interim expectations and the federal government’s statements that rail transport safety will be increased, I asked the mayor (in a respectful email) the following as referenced in the post Got The Goods on the Goods? (Jan 7 2014). A relevant sidebar to these questions is that other municipalities are reporting that they are well advanced in these matters.

 I’m going to ask Mayor Cooper for an update on the state of our rail-hazard preparedness.

(1) As mandated by Transport Canada, does Salmon Arm now have full information from the railways  about the dangerous goods going through town? If the file isn’t complete yet, when is it estimated to be finished?

(2) Are hazardous or explosive materials staged in Salmon Arm for any length of time?

(3) Given the federal directive for sharing information on hazardous goods, does the city currently have an adequate plan and the capacity to respond to railway emergencies ?

(4) If a local hazardous materials response does need to be upgraded, is there funding in place or will new funding have to be allocated out of upcoming budgets for planning, response teams and training?

Vexatious questions? Possible public interest? Axes to grind?

Mayor Cooper’s response(s)? Nada! It’s a choice by her to not respond!

Not a I’ll get back to you, a I’ll have staff update you or even a Check my answer elsewhere. Note: I haven’t seen this even asked before.

There have been  five or six questions over a year, all of them involve what is in the public domain imo, none of them are controversial or personal attacks (that’s also my opinion of course – you’ll certainly judge for yourself) and most of them have been responded to by other council members.

… and for the most part, not so by our Mayor Nancy Cooper!

Tomorrow, let’s talk about our mayor’s handling of a request for public access to council members’ 2013 expenses.

Here are the links to previous posts in the Mayor Nancy Cooper and I Have a Thing Going On Apparently series.

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Author: Tim Lavery

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