Media Release From the New “Shuswap Watershed Council”

To: SWAT Members and Supporters

From: SWAT Directors

We are very pleased to advise that a new watershed-wide Steering Committee called the “Shuswap Watershed Council” (SWC) is being established to focus on Shuswap Watershed Water Quality and Safety.

Elected decision makers and stakeholders from jurisdictions throughout the watershed have come together to form an organization to more effectively coordinate water quality and safety. The “Fraser Basin Council” is providing facilitation and Administration.

There is much work to be done including public consultations, terms of reference, governance agreements, work-plan development, and funding. This may take much of 2014 to complete. In the meantime the water quality monitoring implemented by the SLIPP Pilot Program will continue throughout 2014 to further identify and verify contamination sources that need to be addressed.

SWAT has expressed the need for a permanently funded, watershed-wide, water quality coordinating body, and we fully support this initiative. We thank our members for their support and encourage everyone to help make it a success by providing your input during the public consultation phase.

You can easily get a full screen and clearer view of the media release by clicking on this symbol fullscreen in the Scribd controls just above.

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