Apple Cidery and Festival – Idea and Offer

I’ve always thought that that there should be potential for apple cider production in B.C. and dream of a cider festival in Salmon Arm. Unlike with a vineyard, (grapes have experienced over-planting and are now facing a falloff in consumption with growers unable to sell their grapes,) consumption of cider and craft beers is rising.

B.C. Treefruits Co-op is investigating making cider from their culls (non-marketable apples)  in Kelowna.

Current ciders on the market are Somarsby (Carlsberg) which is a sweet cider, Strongbow (Bulmer, copied by Orchard Hill) Rock Creek Dry (modeled by B.C. Treefruits coop, and quite decent) and Foundry (The CEO of the Coop thought it was the best of them all, but for ease of consumption, Somarsby goes down like fruit juice, and is gaining market share).   There is also an organic cider from back East that I didn’t like much.  None of these are like the ciders in the article.

I have a copy of a forty page business plan for a cidery if anyone is interested. You pay the copying. I’ll be happy to discuss it with anyone; although would prefer to deal with groups.

– Richard Smiley

Your thoughts?

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