Shuswap Water Action Team Supports CSRD Decision

We wish to thank and applaud the Directors who voted to support the South Shuswap OCP(s) by rejecting the Blind Bay Resort & Marina’s Rezoning & Expansion Application. We believe the majority of residents of Area C support your decision.

We are encouraged that you recognized the potential long-term impacts on the bay in addition to water quality. Approval of the application would have allowed both current and future owners to alter the use within the zoning and perhaps even initiate Commercial Houseboat Operations

 It’s also good to see that the perceived personality and character of an applicant is not the determining factor in your rezoning application decisions.

Your decision recognizes that development of the bay should primarily reflect the desires of the residents of Area C and their recreation, and not just tourists or seasonal users. Many of the applicant’s supporters are from outside the area, and many stood to gain personally to the detriment of local residents.

However a group has recently started lobbying the CSRD Board, and the Media to request a re-vote and the Board is apparently considering it.

The CSRD has consistently made it clear that once a Public Hearing is over its illegal to try to influence the CSRD’s decision. An attempt to influence a re-vote without legal cause or process is clearly an attempt to influence a Board decision. It should not be allowed.

To call a re-vote without proper cause and process, especially based on a lobby from only one segment of the community, would make a mockery of the entire public hearing process. The public process should not only be fair, consistent and legal, but be-seen-to-be-fair, consistent, and legal. No doubt it could be contested under BC Government Regulations.

It would also seriously undermine the credibility of the CSRD, let alone open the door for future confrontations.

This has been a long process and most residents consider the matter closed. However as the supporters continue to lobby for a re-vote, many residents are uncertain if further action on their part is now required. This continues to exacerbate the potentially unfair, inconsistent, and likely illegal public process.

We respectfully ask you to announce that your decision is final and is not subject to undue influence.

Thank you

Shuswap Water Action Team (SWAT) Directors

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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