Salmon Arm Council’s Expenses for 2013

expensesA little while ago, I asked city council members if they would send Aim High their 2013 expenses rather than have to wait until June to see them in print. After all, it takes but a few mouse clicks to run a query and attach the report to an email.

Recently, council was to discuss/vote  on posting their expenses on the city website on a quarterly basis. I’m not sure how that went but will update in another post.

Quarterly public posting is a good thing … and it does save me some valuable time as well in asking for and posting this information. I certainly have no staff to do this … and … I’ll refrain from any further attempt at weak humour for those of you who have followed my travails with Mayor Cooper..

Here is what has been sent in so far listed by when it was first received or publicly available. Thanks to the five six of seven council members who have responded.

A summary table with the actual documentation following:

Name/2013 Expenses

Mayor Nancy Cooper $8, 161.14
Councillor Jamieson $2,048.67
Councillor Harrison $2,118.67
Councillor Reimer $9,143.61
Councillor Eliason $4,984.48
Councillor Cannon No Response after 2 emails
Councillor Kentel $514.78

You’ll likely have to use the Increase View buttons to get a clear view of the data below.

Mayor Nancy Cooper (snip from the city website)

Mayor Cooper 2013 expenses

Councillor Jamieson

Councillor Harrison

Councillor Reimer

Councillor Eliason

Councillor Kentel

Councillor Cannon

No Response after 2 emails

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

3 thoughts on “Salmon Arm Council’s Expenses for 2013”

    1. Both good people who want the best for SA – neither one with any apparent social media presence … or interest ??? – one previous mayoralty candidate – perhaps one future new mayoralty candidate? – Time will tell !

  1. On comparison, it seems that Mayor Cooper lists her cell phone expenses while others don’t. Not sure if this is a systemic inconsistency, an anomaly when it comes to the mayoralty position, other councillors not being re-imbursed for city-use cell phones (they should be) or ???.

    Not particularly a big deal but I’ll try to clarify. In the back of my mind, I always thought there were other expense line items for technology (computers and I assumed cell phones etc.). I’ll ask!

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