One of life’s simplest pleasures is a good cup of coffee

Now a cup of coffee from The Shuswap Pie Company does even more good as 25 cents from every cup, until the end of February, will support the work of the Safe Motherhood Project headed up by a group of local volunteers.

“We are inspired by the work of these women who travel to rural Guatemala to teach emergency birthing skills” says Pie Company owner Mary Jo Beirnes. “Every dollar raised helps to improve care for pregnant women such as the purchase pre-natal vitamins, folic acid and iron supplements–things we might take for granted, like a good cup of coffee–here at home”.

What’s more, the Shuswap Pie Company’s own coffee supplier, Voets Coffee of Vernon, was so taken by the initiative, they decided to match their donation dollar for dollar.

For more information, please visit or stop in for your cup of coffee at The Shuswap Pie Company.

Shuswap Pie Company – press release

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