CSRD Board to Make Decision Re Blind Bay Resort -Thur. Feb 20

To: SWAT Members and Supporters

As a result of pressure from application supporters after the Public Hearing and Board decision, the CSRD Board has decided to reconsider their decision to decline Blind Bay Resort’s application to expand their trailer park and commercial marina.

We believe reconsideration is not an acceptable procedure without substantive and meaningful changes to the application to address the public’s concerns.

The Board Chair is giving the Board three options at their Board Meeting on Thur. Feb 20:

1. Approve the application.

2. Hold another public hearing subject to:

A. a change in the applicant’s OCP amendment, and

B. a report to the Board on how the new OCP bylaw, already approved and sent to   the BC Govt for Ascention, might influence this option.

CSRD Planning Dept. is recommending this option

3. Let the original vote stand declining the application.

Residents can attend the Board Meeting on Feb 20th to show support for our publicly developed OCPs and hear what your elected Directors have to say. It should be on their agenda between 10:30 and 12 noon.

From: SWAT

Your thoughts?

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