An Expectation of Reasonable Internet Speed …

… especially with an upgrading competitor on the horizon.

Towards the end of January, the download speed I was getting from Shaw Cable here in Salmon Arm became atrocious. Small file downloads timed out and watching Netflix became an exercise in futility. Our neighbours reported the same thing as did a number of you around town. Locally, Shaw indicated that they were aware of ‘capacity’ issues and expected an improvement around mid- February.

Sure enough, my d/l speeds started to improve a few days before mid-month. I’m left though with the sense that my peak period connection speeds are still nowhere near what they were just a few weeks ago. See the post Wow – Shaw Internet Sure Is Slow …  (Jan 28 2013) and the comments section for the initial discussion of this.

PC Magazine is sponsoring a way to test your internet speed at . By clicking on Begin Test , you’ll get a speed read for Pings, Downloads and Uploads.

I’d stay away from clicking on Scan – I just used the Test link.

Anyhow, here are my first two reads taken Sunday evening.  I’ll add more readings as I go along these next few days. Send yours in via the Comment Section .

Date Time Ping (ms) D/L (Mbps) U/L (Mbps)
Feb23 19:15 12 17.78 0.55
19:30 15 17.94 0.53
21:00 16 17.93 0.51
 Feb25 20:40 12 17.79 0.54
 Mar02 12:30 12 17.08 0.52
20:00 45 19.23 0.53

Author: Tim Lavery

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2 thoughts on “An Expectation of Reasonable Internet Speed …”

  1. The reported speed is an average over the period tested. I have noted, but on the site you used and on Shaw’s own site that the speed is considerably higher at the start of the test and then levels out at a lower speed, in my case about 10. As I only pay for 10, I have considered this to be satisfactory, but the reported speed is higher than is achieved on a longer download. My results are consistently similar to those you reported above, but I have never tested in the early evening when it may well be slower.

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